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Hi, I'm Avinash and I will help you find your ideal Kilimanjaro climbing adventure package. To get started, please answer the below questions to help us understand your requirements. We will then mail you 2 to 4 quotes that you can choose from. Alternatively, you can directly email me your requirements to [email protected]

1. Which route do you want to take for climbing Kilimanjaro?

Please select the route(s) you are interested in for climbing. In case you haven't decided yet or want us to help in selecting route, please select the first option from below list.

Not decided

We will suggest best suited route based on your requirements

Marangu (5 to 6 Days)

Easier & Cheaper. Poor acclimatization. Success rate: 80-85%

Machame (6 to 7 Days)

Most scenic & popular. Good acclimatization. Success rate: 88-95%

Lemosho (6 to 8 Days)

Quieter & scenic. Good acclimatization. Success rate: 90-96%

Rongai (6 to 7 Days)

Quieter, easier & remote. Good acclimatization. Success rate: 86-93%

Umbwe (6 to 7 Days)

Most challenging route. Very Poor acclimatization. Success rate: 50-60%

2. How big is your party?

Group size for your Kilimanjaro Climb. Larger groups get better prices.


We will suggest group tours you can join for your dates.


Join existing departures or have a private tour on any date

Small Group(3 to 4)

Discounts on all routes for any date

Big Group (5 or more)

Big discounts on all routes for any date!

3. When are you planning for the climb?

Tell us the dates between which you can do the Kilimanjaro climb.

Select the start date of your trip

4. And finally your contact Information

We will send quotes to your email ID. Your contact information will be used only for sending quotes for Kilimanjaro climbing. Your email ID will not be used for any marketing or promotional mails.

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