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1. Which parks do you want to visit?

Please select all the National parks you want to visit in Kenya. In case you want us to suggest, please select the first option from below list.

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We will suggest you based on your plan dates & duration

Masai Mara NP

Kenya’s most famous park where the million Wildebeest march

Amboseli NP

Huge Elephant herds in the shadow of Kilimanjaro

Samburu NR

Spot big game at this Serene riverside reserve in Kenya’s arid north.

Lake Nakuru NP

Family friendly park with great lake views, flamingos and big 4.

Tsavo NP

Red elephants, large lion prides and vast plains

2. What type of Accommodation are you looking for?

Choose the accommodation option that fits your budget and style of travel.

Budget: Camping

Budget safari tours cost 100-140 USD per day, all inclusive

Mid-Range: Tented-Camps

Mid range Safari tours cost 180-300 USD per day, all inclusive

Luxury lodges

Luxury Safari trips cost 300-500 USD per day, all inclusive

3. How big is your party?

Group size for your Kenya Safari. Larger groups get better prices.

4. How many days of Safari are you planning?

In North, 2 to 9 days safari tours are popular and itineraries covering Serengeti require 4 days or more. In South 2 to 7 days itineraries are popular.

5. Do you want a private safari or want to join group safari tour?

You can join group tours for some of the Northern circuit itineraries with budget or mid range accommodation to save costs. Private safaris are arranged exclusively for your party.

Private Safari

Your party will have the sole use of vehicle & full attention of guide.

Group joining safari

Join existing groups to save costs. Up-to 6 clients can share the vehicle

6. When are you planning for the Safari?

Give us an idea on when you are planning to visit Kenya. Approximate dates are perfectly fine.

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