3 Day Paragliding Taster Course at Kamshet

Nirvana Adventures
  • 3 days
  • Very Easy
  • 4.9
  • Air

Learn Paragliding Taster course in 3 days at Kamshet by Nirvana Adventures


Learn to paraglide in just 3 days

Is it for me?

If you have dreamt of flying solo and are looking for an adventurous weekend break aimed at giving you a taste of free-flight this course is for you.

Am I eligible to do it?

Anyone above 16 years of age can register for this course provided you do not have a previous history of heart disease, major back ailments or blackouts. Reasonable physical fitness is an asset, although a sportive attitude would hold you in good stead too.

No previous flight experience needed.

What do I learn from it?

This course is designed for those interested in a one time solo flying experience.


  • Site assessment

  • Introduction To The Equipment

  • Canopy Layout

  • Forward Launch Technique

  • Ground Handling

  • Course Correction

  • Maintaining Airspeed

  • Low Level Flights(bunny hops)

  • Solo Flights

  • Landing & Post Landing Procedure

  • Audio Video Interactive Sessions

  • Simulator Sessions

What does the course package include?

The above course package includes equipment usage, course material, instruction,radio supervision, complimentary site transport as well as food & stay (2 nights & 3 days) at our Native Place guesthouse.


  • Day one

    You will learn to kiting the glider and understanding the basics.

  • Day two

    You will learn to skimming the slopes.

  • Day three

    Fly as many solos as your energies and the wind gods permit.


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