Basic Paragliding Course at Bir, Billing

HP-Paragliding Club
INR 20000

Basic Paragliding Course at Bir, Billing. HP Adventures offer you seasonal paragliding training and courses to all those who wish to learn and develop their career in this awesome adventure activity. Each year we certify and train several students from all over the world. With our years of flying experience and expertise in wind and related geo science, we provide unmatched training and certifications in paragliding.


As the name says this is for beginners and casual pilots. This entry level course in paragliding will introduce you to basic flight physics, introduction to equipments and gears. Basic handling and emergency management will be taught.

Duration : 10 Days.

Location : Landing Ground,Dhelu.

  • Basic Flight Physics.

  • Ground Practice.

  • Introduction to gears and equipments.

  • Safety and emergency management.

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