Discover Scuba Diving-Beach Dive-60 min

INR 3498

Deep Sea Scuba Dive, Havelock, Andamans, India, "By Scuba Lov in"


Deep Sea Dive

Who is this dive for?

The Discover SCUBA Dive is for the novice diver who wants a SCUBA experience but does not have the time or desire for a certification course. You do not need to know swimming!


You become an astronaut defying gravity, entering a new liquid world of magical beauty and strange inhabitants, experiencing bliss and ultimate freedom! It is a safe and easy introduction to diving and is a lot of fun.

Our Approach

We start with a brief on the concept of SCUBA. Then you complete some skills in shallow water where you become comfortable with your breathing, buoyancy (weightlessness) control and safety exercises. Post this we take you out for a closely supervised dive wherein you can explore the stunning reef. During the dive, our ratio is 2 students to 1 Dive Master or Instructor. We send you home with photos and video to cherish your experience forever.

Try Scuba or DSD

We offer 2 kinds of dive experiences: the Try Scuba (TS) that is a shorter in-water version where we teach you the absolute basics and give you your photos and video. The Discover Scuba Dive (DSD) is a longer in-water version where you practice more skills, do a longer dive and capture more photos / videos.

Pricing & Booking Try Scuba: 3,500 INR Discover Scuba Dive: 4,500 INR


Early Bird Discount

  • 30-60 days : 4.0%
  • 61-90 days : 8.0%
  • 90+ days : 12.0%

Group Discount

  • 2 to 3 pax : 5.0%
  • 4 to 6 pax : 10.0%
  • 7 to 10 pax : 15.0%
  • 10+ pax : 20.0%


Timings: 6am to 12pm


Photos and videos

Refund Policy

  • cancellation > 24 hours: refund
  • cancellation < 24 hours: no refund

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