Booklist For Kilimanjaro Armchair Travels

Every journey starts with a single step, or perhaps with the turn of a single page. A well-chosen book can get your heart to swoon to the tune of any travel destination and unleash your cravings to claim its magnetism. So before climbing Kilimanjaro, nestle in a cosy corner and indulge in some fascinating reads that bring the life-transforming adventure to your coffee table. Delve into stories of climbers that speak of the daunting peak and forge a bond with the mountain even before you see it.

If you’re brimming with questions about your quest, steer clear of all doubt and get some insight on this spellbinding site with a set of enlightening reads. Immerse yourself in some well-scripted trekking guides and grab some tips to tip the odds in your favor. Adventure literature is always an encounter that you can count on to stir up your wanderlust as well as to hone your know-how.

Recount these tales while climbing Kilimanjaro and count your blessings when they save your day. What the pages express can press you forward on the backbreaking and will shattering treks that you’re up against. A few wise words can help you steel yourself to steal the soul absorbing charm of Mount Kilimanjaro. Listed below are some captivating works of literature that are absolute must-reads before you head out to chase your Kilimanjaro dream.

Kilimanjaro – The Trekking Guide to Africa’s Highest Mountain

Written by Henry Stedman, this book is amongst the creme de la creme of trekking guides that conquers the 19,341 feet high Kilimanjaro with assiduous detail and a remarkable sense of presentation. This all-encompassing book is the ultimate compass to the Uhuru summit. Starting with how to plan your trip and book your trek through the best of agencies, to some health and safety tips to some insight on the history and background study of the mountain, to a comprehensive trail guide and an exquisite collection of maps, it leaves no stone unturned for you to chase milestones.

The book cites the cities that you shouldn’t miss en route to Kilimanjaro and walks you through the right accommodation and dining outlets that you must stop by. Its trail guide is equipped with GPS waypoints that can be downloaded from the website, altitudes, coordinates and detailed maps with the six major routes that can take you to the tip.

Embellished with a myriad illustration, spectacular photographs to bring the words to perspective and also a full-colour flora guide, this book equips you with everything you require to battle the many trials of the Kilimanjaro trail. Tiptoe around every pitfall and ace your trek to the very tip.

Having scaled the heights many times around, this author’s take on the various aspects of Kilimanjaro is all you need before you take off on your big adventure. Mark his words and let the tallest mountain of Africa leave its mark on you.

Kilimanjaro Diaries: Or how I spent a week dreaming of toilets, drinking crappy water, and making bad jokes  while having the time of my life – by Eva Melusine Theme

Credits – Goodreads

Love, laugh and live the Kilimanjaro adventure from your very couch with this happy-go-lucky travel memoir that leaves no ugly details brushed under the carpet. If you’re thinking that the Kilimanjaro climb is an all smiles hike, this book is the perfect mythbuster on the shelves.Infused with a loud ‘haha’ factor, this emotional outpour is about a blogger’s journey to the tip with her son and friends, and she keeps it as real as it can get. Apart from being a captivating read, it also serves as a convenient trekking guide.

Kissing Kilimanjaro: Leaving It All on Top of Africa

Credits – Goodreads

Scripted by Daniel Dorr, this book is a down to earth narrative gravitating an audience with its smooth and simple appeal to the layman. Like many of us, Daniel Dorr chased deadlines through the day and dreamt of chasing bucket list fantasies one day. Luckily for Dorr, his ‘one day’ did come around to transform his life. This book walks you through an honest and unpretentious tale that lets you slip into his shoes with ease. Entwined with some much loved sense of humour, his journey demonstrates how climbing Kilimanjaro can tear you into pieces and put you at peace all at once. If you’re looking out for a breezy, yet heartwarming read, look no further.

In My Wildest Dreams: A Woman’s Humorous Perspective of her Mt. Kilimanjaro Experience

Credits – Goodreads

Written by Sue Freeman, this captivating narrative offers a woman’s account of the climb. Her unique writing approach has garnered the attention of many, for being informative while also being funny and entertaining, without burdening its readers with the nitty-gritty of the climb. Especially to women, Sue’s work is a source of great courage and drives its audience to battle the odds, prove their mettle and conquer their dreams.

Zombies on Kilimanjaro: A Father/Son Journey Above the Clouds

Credits – Goodreads

Climbing Kilimanjaro is like taking off a pair of tight shoes and slipping on a warm hug. This inspiring tale by Tim Ward is all about how the adventure gave this man a second chance, second to none. Ward has the weight of a broken marriage tying him down and his young son also sharing the distress of this split. The book is centred around how the magnificence of Kilimanjaro can steer a soul exploring expedition that calms the qualms in his life and weaves its magic into the bond between father and son. Kilimanjaro was the much-needed refresh button in both their lives. Melting down all inhibitions and transforming perspectives, this is the ideal peak to pick yourself up and forge a source of immense inner strength in you.

Tuck yourself in some warm sheets, grab a mug of hot cocoa and settle in with a good old book before chasing the beaten paths. Drift through awe-inspiring tales of conquests and stay passionate for your quest. Travel through some soul-stirring stories before you set off to create those of your own.

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