Things You Just Can’t Miss on a Kenya Safari

If you’re brimming with a horde of wild cravings to sneak into the wildness and weave through its magic, Kenya is a place that always plays to your desires. Stand your ground while thundering wildebeest shake your foundations, sign up for a Safari in Kenya that drives your adrenaline levels, soak in the overwhelming sight of a flock of flamingos nestling by a lake, cease your chance to dive into a sea full of coral magnetism and let the sweeping Savanna grasslands sweep you off your feet. Kenya is the perfect site to sight the wild at their best and is sure to stir up the wildlife enthusiast in you. From road Safaris to fly-in Safaris, hot air balloon Safaris, bird watching Safaris and beach safaris, an enticing host of Safaris in Kenya lets you drink in its spell binding splendor on different levels. Listed below are some of the most sought after wildlife attractions of Kenya and the all-time favorites of several adventure chasers.

Masai Mara National Reserve

The Masai Mara habitat is the hotspot for spotting the wild in the dense bush. Bordering Tanzania, Masai Mara is an interesting slice of wildlife real estate brewing with a hatful of action for you to catch. Its claim to fame is the Great Migration, where an overwhelming number of wildebeest, zebra and gazelles cruise across the wide grasslands in pursuit of fresh pasture. With approximately 1.5 million of these fascinating creatures crossing the wide plains and rivers, the great migration is easily the most breathtaking wildlife spectacle that the world holds in store for you. With predators lurking close behind, poised to pounce at their big chance and with hippos and crocodiles lying await in rivers, you’re likely to catch some hot action. Needless to say, a crowd of wildlife enthusiasts from across the world gravitate towards the Savanna between July and October, to behold what’s nothing short of a miracle.

In general, a safari in Kenya is full of game viewing promises. The Masai Mara is popular for its population of predators. You’re quite likely to get lucky with your big five sightings as the Masai Mara reserve hosts an abundance of these bad boys. Rise early, step on the pedal, watch a hippo lazing at the water hole, a lion flexing its muscles, a giraffe touring the grasslands, a crocodile lurking in the waters, the wide open grasslands bathed in the golden hues of a tropical sunset, embrace the soul stirring silence and crawl back into the comfort of your camp at nightfall.

Another hot favorite of adventures in the plains is the hot air balloon safari in Kenya. Pierce through the darkness before dawn and catch a glimpse of the first streak of sunlight falling upon the grasslands. Float over the waking Safari and get high on an unparalleled view offered by your craft at the stirring hour of daybreak. Drift over the plains for about an hour and watch it rise to life. Do not miss out on this hot air balloon ride that launches you into the transforming morning skies and gives you a one of a kind experience to soak in the Masai Mara.

Amboseli National Park

The Amboseli national park is another world renowned protected area that makes a promising destination for taking a Safari in Kenya. It certainly is the best spot to spot the big deal amongst the big five – The African elephant. Sign up for a game drive and you’re bound to marvel at the trumpeting of a herd like you’ve never heard before. To top it all, you have the magnificent Kilimanjaro peak peeking at you from behind the vast plains. While the Kilimanjaro sets a glorious backdrop at Amboseli, you get to weave through an intriguing diversity of five different habitats that include the dried-up bed of Lake Amboseli, wetlands with sulfur springs, savannah, and woodlands. Apart from being home to a panorama of animals such as elephants, buffalo, impala, kudu, wildebeest, hyena, zebra, and giraffes, the park also hosts around 400 different species of birds.

Lake Nakuru National Park

This national park is well acclaimed for the legendary flocks of flamingos that swarm the lake. Melt into the cheer and bliss of pink waters and lush grasslands. Go Gaga over the sheer flamingo density and behold the iconic sightings of  a multitude of bright pink wings fluttering around the water body. A variety of landscapes from sweeping grasslands to rocky cliffs, woodlands and ridges invite you, creating a glorious wildlife haven. Your hot wildlife pursuit might take a turn for the best with chances of you running into warthogs, white Rhinos, baboons, pythons and waterbucks at the Lake Nakuru national park. The lake Nakuru is amongst the most famous lakes of the Great rift valley and is the sought after wildlife magnet that can get you started on your Kenya Safari. Owing to its intriguing wildlife, spellbinding flamingo multitudes and of course, its breathtaking scenic glory,  this national park is popularly agreed upon as the most attractive safari destinations in Kenya. Not surprisingly, it is a popular favorite amongst enthusiasts for bird watching, hiking, picnics and game drives.

Tsavo National Park

Besides being Kenya’s largest national park, it is also a cornucopia of biodiversity equipped with a myriad of surprises awaiting you. The park is split into the Tsavo West and the Tsavo East parks and is spread across a vast 13,747 square kilometers. The landscape is an alluring  amalgamation of rivers, volcanic hills, savanna, waterfalls, semi arid grasslands and lava-rock plateau. Your Kenya Safari is incomplete without a game drive through the Tsavo national park.The wildlife gravitates to the Galana river that winds through the park. With a multitude of mammals such as the popular Tsavo lions, elephants, gazelles, zebra, mongoose, hyena, giraffes, warthogs, hippos, crocodiles etc and over 500 species of birds, the park is cut out for the ultimate Safari in Kenya. The Tsavo national park also hosts some world class attractions such as the Mudanda rock that is 1.6 kilometers long and shapes a natural dam that witnesses herds of splashing elephants and other wildlife species, Yatta plateau which is the world’s longest lava flow, the Lugard falls that makes the bottom of your stomach fall with a series of rapids along the Galana river and the Aruba dam which is a reservoir that draws a crowd of birds and animals. If you’re yearning for the best wildlife sightings on your Safari in Kenya, the country’s largest park is sure to make a big impact. This all-encompassing park is a must visit on your Kenya Safari. Make sure you drop by for a jaw dropping experience.

All you need is a Kenya Safari to witness an abundant wildlife density and relish an adrenaline inducing intimacy with the wild.

Yearning for some exciting big five sightings? Throw yourself into the Safari capital and sign up for a game drive to tip the odds in your favor. Keep your camera clicking as Kenya gives you the best shot  at taking the best shot. With a scenic allure like you’ve never seen before, Kenya is itself a life transformer. Catch the best of the wild, set against a diversity of landscapes in real and on reel. Leave for Kenya, and let the country leave a mark on you.



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