The Great Lakes of Tanzania

Get set to drift away to find a way, take a step forward to be taken aback by these lakes in Tanzania. Treat yourself in a retreat in these lakes and watch Tanzania weave its charm on you.

Lake Eyasi

Lake Eyasi is located in the southwest of the Ngorongoro Crater in the Highlands of Tanzania whose water levels vary greatly between the rainy and dry seasons. The perks of visiting the lake in the dry season is the ease in spotting wildlife, however it also means lesser water levels. However, if you choose to visit during the rainy season, the water levels get really high and attracts hippos who like to cool it off there! Also, Lake Eyasi is surrounded by palm trees and attracts a wide range of birds such as the African Spoonbill, flamingos, gray headed gulls and fishes like catfish and lungfish. Visit this alkaline lake to see things in a different light and couple it up with a safari in Tanzania!

Lake Eyasi is also home to the groups of bushmen, the Hadza and Watindiga. You can also visit the bushmen to see how they live, where they go to hunt and hunt alongside them, provided they find you fit enough. Go back in time and hunt the way the ancients did with bows and arrows coated with deadly poison made locally. Lake Eyasi is a complete package offering you the perks of a lake in a national park and an experience that will be imprinted forever.

Lake Natron

Lake Natron is located near the Gregory Rift in the Arusha Region of Tanzania subjected to high volcanic eruptions. Lake Natron is unlike any other lake you might have possibly encountered in your life. Owing to the presence of blue-green algae and the cyanobacteria, this lake enamours you with its beautiful mosaic patterns in shades of red and orange making it truly a sight to behold. This lake leaves you tongue tied as there is more than what meets the eye and a few organisms manage to live in this highly alkaline environment where temperatures reach as high as 60°C making it inhospitable for both fishes and mankind.

Lake Natron, tanzania
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However, find yourself marvel in awe as you realize that more than three quarters of population of lesser flamingos depend on this salty lake for breeding and survival despite these conditions. Get set to be amazed as you spot the flamboyance of ‘lesser flamingos’ on the lake and capture them(with your cameras) and the preserved or mummifed dead animals to your heart’s content. All in all, if you want a break from routine and look at a lake in a different way, Lake Natron is the place to go.

Lake Manyara

The Manyara lake has garnered the attention and love of many, however one noteworthy mention is that of Ernst Hemingway who believes that it is the loveliest lake in Tanzania. It is 30 miles long and 10 miles wide, tucked safely in the northern Tanzania on the rift valley, home to a wide range of picturesque landscapes and wildlife. Be transported to a world where you stand arm in arm amidst thousands of flamingos.

Lake Manyara,Tanzania

Lake Manyara is a part of Lake Manyara National Park which celebrates its diverse flora and fauna with a set of animals like baboons hippos, impalas, elephants, wildebeests, giraffes and even the rare tree climbing lions. Also Lake Manyara is a dream for photographers, ornithologists and nature enthusiasts as it welcomes as many as 300 migratory birds. The cherry on top is the The Rift Valley escarpment that forms a noteworthy landmark and provides a spectacular backdrop to Lake Manyara. Hop into the Tanzanian Safari and witness the spectacle of nature coming alive!  

Lake Babati

Lake Babati,Tanzania

Lake Babati is nestled quaintly in the lush Green Hills of Africa between Tarangire and Manyara National Parks. Get set to be welcomed by the hippos in town(refers to Lake Babati), as this is the only declared Hippopotamus Reserve in Tanzania. Spot the hippos lazing around in the tall grasses along the lake shore and while you gaze at the beauty before you. Lake Babati is one of the those places which exudes serenity and soothes your soul with its calm waters and picturesque views. Live the lake the way locals do, traverse in a dugout canoe, eat a traditional meal, visit the local “bee ladies” and be assured of an interesting day. You can also head to Mt Kwaraa or Mt Hanang, fourth highest peak in Tanzania from Lake Babati as it is the base.

Whether you are someone to likes to read or just drift away in your head or an outdoorsy person who likes to canoe or trek, Lake Babati offers it all for you!       

Lake Challa

Lake Challa, Tanzania

Lake Challa also known as Dschalla and is located on the South-eastern flank of Mt Kilimanjaro. Be smitten by the color of the water as it drapes itself in rich turquoise or deep blue or green depending on the time of the year. What’s interesting is that the lake is fed by some underground streams from Mt. Kilimanjaro since 200,000 years and is home to the critically endangered Lake Chala Tilapia, unique to the lake. A walk down the steep crater walls is your ticket to paradise as it unveils some of the breath-taking views of the lake. With the Tsavo National Park being so close, watch large herds of elephants migrating back and forth in Tanzanian safari. A trip to this lake ensures that you spot plenty of birds, small mammals like blue monkeys, dik-dik etc and also guarantees views of the mighty Mt. Kilimanjaro as the backdrop. Lake Challa is a treat your eyes and keep your spirits up!

Pack up, mark your calendars, loose yourself in the lap of Mother Nature in one of these lakes and a Safari in Tanzania to find a renewed you. May the Lakes take you to a better place!

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