Top 5 adventures around Pune

Tired of being stuck in your office cubicle for 40+ hours every week and attending boring meetings day after day? Do you crave for a break filled with adventure and thrill to help you unwind ? Well, for those based out of Pune, there are so many of these opportunities right on our doorstep that it’s almost hard to know where to start. But if you’re planning a weekend adventure and want some tips here’s what you should do:

1) Paragliding

Paragliding near Kamshet, Pune

Take a bird’s eye view and paraglide over the Western Ghats, just 45km from Pune along the NH4. Circle over Pavna Lake or the stunning Sahyadri ranges. Various operators take beginners and experienced pilots as well as operating tandem rides for younger, inexperienced or time-pressured adventurers. What’s stopping you from taking off for some Saturday soaring, thermalling and acro practice?

2) Trekking

Trekking near Pune in Western Ghats

If you prefer to keep your feet on the ground but want to stretch your legs, soak up some magnificent nature 365 days of the year along the Rajmachi Trek. Rated an easy trek and starting from either Tungarli near Lonavala or Kondivade Village near Karjat, this 18km trek will take you past ancient Buddhist caves, temples, waterfalls and old fort ruins. More experienced trekkers can take the Torna Trek – just 60km from Puna and starting from Velhe Village. It’s a 3.5 hour trek through stunning wildflower fields and lush greenery, exciting the senses and demanding the camera be kept handy. Breathe in history 365 days per year (monsoon preferred).

3) Rock Climbing

Pune rock climbing
Credit: G B, Flickr

Between earth and sky stands a wall of rock, the walls of the Plus Valley soaring before you, demanding to be climbed. Rock-climbing keeps you close to nature, challenges body, mind, patience, stamina – and with climbing opportunities at the beginning of the valley graded 5 to 7a, what’s keeping your harness and ropes in the bag? Alternatively, Sinhagad Fort offers not only 9 Sport Climbing Routes grading from 5b to 7c, but also magnificent views once you reach the top.

4) Rafting

Kundalika river rafting
Credit:Himanshu Sarpotdar, Flickr

Time to get wet? Get extreme and add whitewater rafting in Rawalje to your weekend list of things to do. Travel just 96km from Pune to the Kundalika River and from 8:15AM the action starts… water is released from the dam up river, tension builds, water rises, and you’re off. Negotiate the rapids, body-surf, swim…experience one of the most beautiful rivers in India and keep that pulse racing! While it’s extreme it’s also suitable for children over the age of 14 and for non-swimmers. Pack that swimsuit!

5) Scuba diving

Scuba diving near pune

But if rafting isn’t your speed, though water’s your friend, take a scuba dive lesson in Pune itself. You don’t need to travel the world to conquer the deep. Be introduced to the wonders and stillness of the depths, and with your new-found knowledge plan a longer scuba diving adventure at Goa, the Lakshadweep Islands or Netrani Island or beyond.

There’s outdoor action and adventure to be found on your doorstep, and an entire weekend to be lived. Time to get out there!


Featured Image Credit: Slalit, Flickr

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