Top 5 Scuba diving spots in India


For the professional or beginner diver, India offers diverse opportunities which begs the question – why look further afield?  Why travel halfway around the world when exceptional opportunities are right on our doorstep?  From magnificent Goa to the stunning Lakshadweep and Andaman archipelago, there are diving sites suited to all levels of ability and experience.  Here is the list of top 5 scuba diving spots right here in India.

Let’s start our diving tour of India in the playground of Goa, where there is more to see under the waves than on shore.

  1. Netrani Island, Goa

    Credit: Jon Connell, Flickr

Let the crystal clear waters surround you as you explore diverse marine life including humpback, minke and killer whales, glide over coral reefs and discover schools of colourful fish darting by and spot mighty whale sharks migrating in the distance.

  1. Grand Island, Goa

    Credit: Max Elman, Flickr

Dive deep and enjoy lush coral gardens brimming with small, curious fish, stunning pinnacles and a variety of shipwrecks nestled next to coral of all hues.  You may need a boat to get you out here, but it’s well worth the  trip.

Now let’s take a trip to the Lakshadweep and Andaman archipelago, where sharks circle in crystal clear waters and reefs protect, where the underwater world abounds in breathtaking marine life, where each dive is a glimpse into another world.

  1. The Wall, Havelock Island, Andaman

    Credit: Ritiks, Wikipedia

When they named this the Wall, they knew what they were talking about – this one drops 10 metres into the deep, where you can explore the plethora of gems brought in by the tidal currents.  Soft purple coral, scorpion fish, octopus, angler fish, sharks, stonefish and adorable nudibranchs – this is arguably our most fascinating diving destination, and while you’re in the area, make Dixons Pinnacle your next stop for barracuda, stingray, manta ray, moray eel and snapper spotting.

  1. Princess Royal, Bangaram, Lakshadweep

    Credit: Binu K S, Flickr

Dive into the waters 240 metres off the Malabar coast and you’ll discover an underwater treasure trove of relics from a bygone age, 200-year-old pottery littering the sea floor by the wreck of the Princess Royal, sunk in a battle between French and British forces.  Fascinating, beautiful, a watery snapshot of the past.

  1. Cool Shark, Pondicherry

    credit: Greg Grimes, Flickr

Certified divers are invited to mark Pondicherry on their diving calendar and make the 15 meter dive into a world of batfish, dogfish and more.  This site is home to a natural reef just waiting to be explored, and the adventurous and experienced can see how close to the 23 meter maximum depth they can reach.

Whether diving in Goa (October – May), Lakshadweep (May – November) or Pondicherry (January – June, September – November), there’s always a diving spot close to home with your name on it.

Happy diving!

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  1. Nice video, I visited Goa with my family. The awesome part of my trip was Scuba diving. It was an amazing experience. We enjoyed a lot and it was a memorable experience. Staff is very cooperative. Thanks to sea water sports.

  2. We enjoyed our time very much! Dive guides are very well educated and skilled, equipment is the newest but every size was available multiple times. The prices are very competitive and the location is stellar. In a nutshell, highly recommended! thank u sea water sports.

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