Top Adventures in Coorg

Adventures in Coorg

Long-viewed as a destination for relaxation amongst nature, Coorg tends to attract visitors who like to take it easy while gazing at the scenic landscape. Whether it’s from the grounds of a resort or from the seats of a café, people love to enjoy this holiday destination with a view. However, the same mountains and rivers that make up the scene are also the ones that offer travelers the opportunity for some real adventure. If you want to get off the guided tours and out of the shops, here are some top adventures to take in Coorg, India.

1) Trekking : 

Trekking in Coorg
Credit: Abhijit Shylanath, Flickr

Coorg, also known as Kodagu has many steep summits to conquer, dense jungles to explore, unique and variety of flora and fauna to discover. The sight of this thick rich vegetation in itself is a festival for one’s eye.

Regardless of your expertise and fitness level, Coorg has got a trek that will suite your abilities and offers the views you were after. The Tadiyandamol trek takes you to one of the highest peaks in Coorg and although its elevation is around 5,735 feet, it is still recommended for beginners and moderate trekkers. It is about 8 km to reach the top. More beautiful than most, the Brahmagiri trek , located in the Western Ghats between Kodagu and Wayanad, offers lush green, ample wildlife and crystal springs and is known to be worth its challenging terrain.

Some of the trails to the summits in Coorg are isolated, dangerous and far from any human habitations. The forests are so dense that one could easily get lost without a guide and there are chances of encountering predatory wild animals. So its recommended that you plan your trek with your guide, be aware of what to expect and choose one that is within your comfort level.

2) Rafting :

Rafting in Barapole, Coorg
Credit : Philip Larson, Flickr

Situated just 252 km far from Bangalore, Coorg is well known for its white water rafting. May it be a beginner who is looking for a safe sport to try or a pro who wants to test his skills, Coorg’s Barapole River attracts everyone looking for some white water rafting adventure. The south west monsoon (between the months of Mid June to Mid October) gives even experienced rafters a challenging adventure. The flows at this time of the season are so rapid that one will not only enjoy the sport but also will take a very thrilling memory back home. Rapids here vary from grade 2 to grade 4.

The Barapole River flows through the Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary letting paddlers enjoy the rafting as much as the lush greenery around. A beginner who goes rafting here will yearn for more and that is for sure!

3) Paragliding :

Credit:Matthew, flickr

Paragliding is one of the most beautiful outdoor sports, where a pilot attaches himself onto a harness suspended by a fabric wing maintained by number of suspension wires that help in controlling the air flow and gives a smooth flying. Those without a fear of heights can view the valleys, plantations and hills with a bird’s eye view when paragliding over Coorg. From one of the many paragliding touring companies, you will fly over the Brahmagiri range like a pro. One may choose to fly from ponnampet on a hand glider with a robodust machine, perfect for two people or take off in a para-glider from Thandiyandamol, the tallest peak in coorg at a height of 6500 feet. The phrase ‘Throw your worries to the wind’ actually comes true when you feel the rush of the wind against you, soaring high in the air. As with any other extreme sport this too is not for the faint hearted!

4) Mountain Biking:

Credit : Miwok, flickr

Coorg is essentially a hill station and a landscape full of hills is conducive to some pretty fantastic mountain biking. Mountain biking in coorg is an exhilarating experience and the trails here bring you one step closer to nature. Coorg offers a rich variety of trails. There are safe and easy trails where even kids can enjoy the beauty of the nature and bike alongside their parents, making it a fun filled family outing. Or a pro biker who wishes to get out of the hustle bustle of the busy roads can ride the quiet calm and steep mountain trails. So head into the natural beauty of the Chelavara district to bike to waterfalls and through the dense and beautiful forests. Enjoy nature at its best!

5) Zip-lining :

Credit: Jenna Rose Robbins, Flickr

In Zip-Line, a cable is thrown from a high steep place to a lower ground. Users are attached to this cable through a harness and with the natural gravitational pull can slide from top to bottom. The harness contains a simple hand grip to adjust the speed of travelling or to break in mid air in case of emergency. Hilly areas in Coorg like Kushalnagar and Madikeri, have camps which operate such zip lining activity. Travelling from the top of a hill/mountain, rushing past tall trees, taking in every bit of the lush greenery around, this particular adventure is enjoyed by people of all age groups.


Featured Image Credit: Ilavanji, Flickr

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