The Other Side of Uganda – More Than Just Wildlife

A traveler’s soul is that of a wanderer trying to establish a harmony between man and universe. Mark Twain once quoted, “twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” It goes really well when it comes to traveling around the African continent. Touring and visiting Africa is like playing with a rebellious traveler and traveling Uganda would not only leave you speechless but also desiring for more.

Basically known as the land of hunter-gatherers ancestrally, today Uganda has emerged as one of the forthcoming contributors in terms of employment and foreign exchange in Africa. The biggest attraction which is tourism encompassed the capacity of attracting almost 100000 tourists during 1960’s but that also slowly diminished because of major political changes. Presently, the Ugandan government has initiated quite a lot of master plans to make tourism as Uganda’s best forte. Africa and places around are best known for their widespread flora, fauna and celestial natural surroundings and travelers from various parts of the world visit to get mesmerized. On a lighter note, there are many parts of this continent that are still unexplored and holds much more of a gala feel than the natural beauty and wildlife there. When it comes to Uganda there is much more to unwind in terms of its historical value, women’s movement, economy, politics, and tourist attractions.

Historical value:

The Ugandan capital Kampala holds a very prominent historic value especially because of the traditional kingdom of Buganda. This eastern part of Uganda has many significant attractions capturing the entire world’s attention. History lovers and people who appreciate monumental treasures of any place would simply go gaga over the large structures built in Kampala. Let’s explore.

Kabaka Monument:

The Kabaka monument stands tall and high predominantly the most valuable masterpiece of African architecture in the Buganda dynasty. There are spears and a shield hanging in the middle of this monument that represents the emblem of the kingdom, which is depicted on the Buganda flag also.


Kasubi Tombs:

Kasubi tombs hold a religious value in the city of Kampala. It represents their spiritual, religious and social beliefs. They are a delightful watch for  history lovers.


Uganda Museum:

When on an excursion to Africa no one could think of visiting a museum, but it is always useful to have a glimpse of the evolution and history of a certain place. Uganda museum says it all. You can find every information about the Ugandan heritage in this 1908 establishment.


Man-made lake:

Cultural history and architecture can contain many interesting things that become a captivating spectacle for the world. Who could believe there could be a man-made lake in the natural surroundings of Uganda? Kabaka’s lake is the largest man-made lake widespread in that area during the period 1885 to 1888. This lake holds an interesting history behind its construction.


Munyonyo Martyrs Shrine:

This is a sacred place that holds a religious as well as a memoir for the 22 martyrs killed during the war of 1885. It is a Roman Catholic shrine dedicated to these martyrs.


Food and culture:

A travel is considered to be incomplete without experiencing the gist of food, cuisine and culture & traditions of a place. A land of various inhibited tribes, Uganda offers many traditional plus modern cooking styles, dishes ranging from complex foods to starchy foods. Most of the dishes are their specialty while many are influenced by English, Arab and Asian culture. Africa being a hub of tropical fruits and vegetables offers a plentiful variety. Some of the traditional Ugandan foods are Posho, Sim-Sim, Matuke, Malewa and the list is endless.

Most commonly used foods are groundnuts, meat, eggs, sugar and sesame seeds. It is actually a delight to experience different tropical vegetables once in a lifetime. When it comes to beverages, Uganda is no way taking a back seat. Wine lovers must enjoy fermented banana wine while there is a variety of fermented beer made from banana or millets popularly called as Pombe and Lubisi by them.


Sports and Activities:

Not only safari and national park visits are in vogue, there are many other tourist attractions when it comes to covering the adventurous part. Kampala walking tour, trekking at Bwindi forest, white water rafting at jinja, kayaking are some of the activities which are must on an adventure freak list.



The nightlife at Kampala and around Jinja have many famous bars and nightclubs to offer that “let hair down” feel. The crowd and music is peppy enough to let you unwind from entire day’s adventure. Adding to that, “Bourbon” is one of the famous night clubs in Jinja possessing an open air thatched bar in it with lounges and tables on a floating boat. Who wouldn’t be mesmerized with such ambience. Sure thing. Keep a check on their upcoming events on social media if you don’t want to miss on the exciting times. But as they say, always keep your best companion along with you which is “alertness” and “common sense”, that holds true while enjoying the nightlife at pubs and clubs. Kampala is the city that never sleeps, and a little attention towards safety tips and advices makes it more enjoyable.


Boda Boda:

One major attraction of this place is “boda boda”, a term that is coined for taxis and motorcycles. This is one mode of transport which is cheap and popularly available in Kenya, Tanzania, and Kampala. Riding on motorbikes for a city tour or commute makes it more easy and fun while you are on a vacay. We are not too sure how safe you would feel though.

A traveler’s list is incomplete without a truly indulgent experience in this wonderful country filled with immense fun and adventure to reckon with. Be it wildlife or waterfalls, adventure or nightlife the rich and varied culture of Uganda has much more to offer provided you are constantly wearing the traveler’s hat.  If there is wildlife and safari for the wanderers & explorers there is a treasure of significant historical monuments to visit for true history lovers. So move a step forward and rebel with your comfort zone, challenge the traveler inside you to explore more and you will be jovially satisfied.





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