Top Travel Tips For Uganda – All You Need To Know

Often known as the “Pearl of Africa,” Uganda proffers some of the most mesmerizing experiences Mother Nature has to offer.

From Murchison Falls to Lake Bunyonyi to Gorilla trek in impenetrable Bwindi National Park to Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda beats your best. Don your hat, jump onboard and dive deep to have an experience of a lifetime with a Safari in Uganda!

This listicle answers all your questions regarding travelling in Uganda.

  • Have a good time by staying ahead of time and equip yourself with information and take on unprecedented situations.
  • Arrive to Uganda in style and obtain a visa in the most affordable way, ‘Visa On Arrival’. However there is a provision to get it online or to get it from the Ugandan Embassy in your country but the process is expensive and cumbersome.
  • Being lost on foreign shores is an experience worth giving a miss, so carry a copy of passport, International Immunization Card and a bunch of emergency numbers in a concealed money belt as a backup. Money belt made out of cotton is recommended as it is comfortable when worn inside.
  • The Ugandan Shilling is the official Currency, so make transactions in Shillings as opposed to dollars to save money in the exchange process. Usage of Cash is advisable as credit cards, debit cards and Traveller Cheques might not work in all places. Exchange your currency in a Forex Bureau or a Bank only and beware of people who pose as Money Changers, as they are mostly con-artists with the intention to trick you.
  • Food hygiene is very minimal in Uganda, so be wary of eating outside high-end lodges. Also avoid ice, unbottled water and eating salads outside as the chances of them being in contact with unhygienic water is highly possible.
  • While you are in Uganda, savor the fruits as Uganda is often called as the Fruit Bowl of Africa. If you are food junkie and have an appetite to try new stuff, try a handful of deep-fried grasshoppers or the staple dishes made from tiger fish and tilapia.
  • Pack a Universal Travel Adaptor as the primary sockets are three square-pin variety on the lines of United Kingdom sockets. With the standard voltage being 230-240V, you will need a voltage converter and a plug adaptor in order to use U.S. appliances.
  • Foreign women especially white women garner a lot of attention. Thereby, it is always advisable to watch your back and avoid walking alone as muggings are not unheard of. There might be instances where people want to talk to you, touch your skin and even invite you to their house, a firm NO does the trick yet be cautious and prepared to handle any untoward incident. If you are solo woman traveler, the safest way to move around is taking your Driver-Guide from the Ugandan Safari as an accomplice.
  • Short skirts, shorts for both men and women must be avoided as the dressing sense of Ugandans is conservative.
  • Coming home with carved wooden masks and sculptures crafted by local artisans can be the souvenir that works as a perfect reminder of your trip to Uganda. Alternatively, you could spice up your collection with bright fabrics adorned with stunning African patterns.Most upmarket stores in Uganda come with a fixed price setup, however stalls, markets are up for bargaining.
  • Since most waiters, workers, porters earn bare minimum wages, keep in mind that your little tip can go a long way and help their families. It is customary to tip the driver-guide in a Ugandan Safari. Safari in Uganda or otherwise, a couple of dollars in the communal tip jar will bring smiles on a lot of families.
  • Choose the most viable means of transportation based on your itinerary. A Safari in Uganda is the best way to be driven across Uganda, however, you could opt for mini-bus taxis or Boda- Boda Motorcycle Taxis for moving in and around the city. A bus is recommended for long distance travel.
  • Lake Bunyonyi, Lake Mutanda are the only two swimming friendly lakes, as they are bereft of hippos, crocodiles and also Bilharzia free.
  • While you are on a Safari in Uganda, avoid wearing bright colors as they attract insects and attract wildlife. Stick to neutral colors like khaki, light-brown, green and don’t wear blue as it draws the pesky Tsetse flies. Take on the tropical heat with long trousers, long-sleeved shirts/tops, hat and a good sunscreen/sunblock in a waterproof Daypack that will come in handy while you are on a safari in Uganda.
  • Ensure you pack a set of shorts, underwear,pajamas, bathing suit, detergent, light rain jacket and a sweater as you set your luggage straight for a safari in Uganda.
  • Say goodbye to white color shoes if you were considering them for the great Ugandan safari. Take lightweight hiking boots which are comfortable, a pair of good shoes, sandals, flip-flops and a set of extra shoelaces.
  • Some of the must have medications for a safe and healthy safari in Uganda are anti-Malarial tablets like Malarone, insect repellent like RID, Antibacterial Soaps like Lifebuoy,vitamins and all other medicines prescribed by your doctor. Wipes, hand sanitizers will come handy when water is not available.
  • Capture those timeless moments spent in the the lap of wilderness to your heart’s content. Remember to bring your camera with a lens cleaner as it is is very dusty. Also carry extra memory cards,spare batteries and binoculars for better views in any safari in Uganda.

  • Pack light, Pack Smart based on your visit to Uganda! With Safari in Uganda on the cards, a duffel bag with combination locks will be your best friend as opposed to bulky suitcases which are hard to store.

Bask in the serenity of mother nature, revel as you see the remaining few mountain gorillas tinkering around the place.Think no more, experience all of Africa in one country, just go and have a gala time in Uganda!

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