Brahmaputra River Rafting Expedition

Red Chilli Adventures
  • 13 days
  • Moderate
  • 4.9
  • Water

Brahmaputra River Rafting Expedition (Arunachal Pradesh) By Red Chilli Adventures


Brahmaputra is one of the multinational rivers of Asia, passing through the north eastern part of India as well as China. This mighty river is one of the world’s largest and runs through a few remote wilderness and tribal settlements and assures you the ride of a life time. Rafting or kayaking through the Brahmaputra is worth the goose bumps! This is one trip which is as much on the land as on the river.


  • day 1:

    Fly from Delhi to get to Dibrugarh, a city on the banks of lower Brahmaputra. After checking in TO THE HOTEL, one can set off to see an ethnic weaving centre and a heritage tea garden. Overnight stay at a Dibrugarh hotel.

  • day 2:

    Travel today by ferry from Dibrugarh to Pasighat. It is an eight hour ride and an enjoyable one. The river offers great views of the flora and fauna on the riverbeds. Be on the look out to spot some spectacular resident and migratory birds. One may also get to see the Ganges River Dolphin. Overnight stay at a Pasighat hotel.

  • day 3&4:

    Today we drive to the starting point of the rafting expedition. The drive itself is interesting as we pass through verdant rainforests and Adi settlements. We will be stopping often to get photographs and to talk to the locals. Camp overnight and travel the next day to Tuting. One reaches Tuting in the evening, pitches camp and enjoys a hot dinner around a campfire and then hit the sleeping bags.

  • day 5:

    This is a relaxed day and you can hike up to the Jedu village to discover the culture and traditions of the tribal people. Late afternoon is spent on a complete briefing of safety on the river, an introduction to paddling commands and the basics of rafting, KAYAKING and rescue procedures which come handy in rare emergency situations.

  • day 6:

    This is the day we have been waiting for, the first day of the river run. The Brahmaputra in all its glory starts with thrilling grade IV rapids such as the ‘Ninguing’ rapid and then ‘Pulsating Pulsi’ further below Palsi Village. We reach Pango in the afternoon and set up camp here. Dinner around the campfire is never quiet on this evening as there are plenty of experiences and adventures of the day to share and relive.

  • day 7:

    Now that we have reached Pango our next step is to paddle till Cherring, which we start by first paddling to the enormous Pango rapid. Then we move on to the Ninguing and Marmong canyon, which is not just another canyon but is virtually untouched by civilization and is considered one of the remotest jungle canyons of the world. The virgin forests that surround us create the perfect setting for the exhilarating ‘Rikor’ and ‘Zebra Rock’ rapids. Set up camp for the day, by the ‘Toothfairy’.

  • day 8:

    What we get around the ‘Toothfairy’ is a wild, buzzing grade VI rapid which fortunately or unfortunately we don’t have to negotiate, we simply walk around this rapid to get to the Marmong gorge. We encounter and negotiate grade 4 rapids such as the ‘Hairy Hari’,’Broken Oar’ and lots more, finally stopping to set up camp below Ramsingh.

  • day 9:

    Begin the day with a float trip to the ‘Moying Madness’ that is sure to get your adrenalin pumping on a grade IV+ rapid. The section below is comparatively mellow, till one reaches Nubo. The ‘Karo Killer’ brings us to Geku, where we pitch camp. Enjoy evening stories as we sit around the campfire.

  • day 10:

    Enjoy the gushing sound of the river as it gently awakens you. This is just a layover, relaxed day and one can choose to hike in the hills that surround us, go kayaking on the river or just laze around the camp.

  • day 11:

    To catch a few more tribal Adi settlements we float tip today across these settlements. We will also pass the confluence of the Brahmaputra and Siyom. Watch the world pass by you gently and enjoy the sights and sounds of Yembung and Rotung village. Rotung is our stop for the day and we reach in time for lunch. Refresh your body and mind with a dip in the water in the fresh water spring and get ready to head back to the urban world.

  • day 12:

    Raft from Rotung to Pasighat. We enter the last whitewater section on the Brahmaputra before it flows into the plains. The river looks more voluminous now, and offers a different charm than what we saw in the last few days. Stay overnight in a HOTEL ATPasighat.

  • day 13:

    We bid farewell to Pasighat and take a ferry to Dibrugarh from Boghiwheel Ghat. The flight from Dibrugarh gets us back to Delhi with memories and stories to last a life time.

Check list for multi day trips

  1. Warm Sleeping Bag (till 0 degree C or below at least),
  2. Woolens/thermal underwear
  3. Wind/rain proof jacket
  4. Feather Down jacket- Optional
  5. Hiking/trekking shoes - Important
  6. Spare sandals -Optional
  7. Camera- Optional
  8. Woolen socks
  9. Water Bottle
  10. Flash Light and spare batteries - Important
  11. Sun Shade/Hat with Brim/woolen hat/gloves
  12. Sunglasses
  13. Sun Lotion
  14. Sunscreen/Sun block
  15. Vaseline/Lip Salve
  16. Insect Repellent
  17. Personal Toiletries - towels/soap etc.
  18. Personal Medication if any
  19. Rucksack/duffel bag to carry your baggage
  20. Inflatable mattress (optional), we provide foam-mattress.
  21. Small daypack to carry camera, packed lunch, water bottle and wind/rain jacket on a walk.
  22. Long trousers / long shirts / T-shirts etc.

You will live in 4 season tents to withstand weather extremes, if any on the trip. Other items of personal nature need to be added by you especially personal medication, if any. Temperatures are going to vary between 25-30 degrees Celsius to 5-10 degrees at night. Long pants and long shirts are handy because of the strong sun in the mountains.

Note: we can arrange down sleeping bag on your request at an extra cost of Rs 100 per day.


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