Life is Just a Surface Interval

Scuba, founded in 2012, is a lifestyle company that offers dive trips, PADI and SSI certifications an recreational Scuba diving at Havelock Island, Andamans.


-Our passion for diving and love for the ocean reflects in our practice. We assure you the best experience, make you the best diver, give you an everlasting memories and by the end of the dive you will share our passion!

-We offer various courses like PADI,SSI,fun dives and intro dives.

-We have small group of students/ divers, so that each receive personal care and attention.

-We bring Scuba close home and conduct intro dives and pool training in Mumbai.

-We customize your diving trips as per your needs and go the extra mile to give you a memorable experience.

-For your dive holiday in Hevlock Island, we offer accommodation ranging from 8,000 to as low as 500 INR per day.

OUR Adventures

List of adventures offered by Scuba