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We aim to introduce you to adventures that are worth sharing, and memories that will remain with you for many years to come.

Trekking Trail Nepal Pvt. Ltd; A travel agency of difference for adventure holidays in the Himalayas. We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the pioneering adventure and leisure travel & trekking company based in the Himalayan Kingdom Nepal. For the last four years in this industry, we have assisted innumerable visitors with their trekking trails adventure, travel & tour needs within Nepal, as well as in Bhutan, India and Tibet with Multi Countries Travel Packages. Trekking Trail Nepal takes pride in working closely with our clients to intend a tour and trekking experience specifically tailored for you. We take the upmost care in delivering the ultimate, and sheer unforgettable, adventure of a life time for you. Besides this we can provide Trekking in Nepal, India, Bhutan and Tibet but also provides you Multi Countries Tour, with classical and custom made tour packages, hotel reservations, air ticketing, water activities, thrilling adventure activities, one day tours, special incentives programs and many more adventure & vacation pursuits as per your needs, for both groups & Individual travelers. With each of your holidays, we can proudly recommend our exceptional travel package activities such as Holi Tour, Hot Spring Trek, Ranikot Village Walk, Hello Everest Trek, Mohare Danda Trekking, Everest Day Celebration Trek, Scenic Pokhara Day Tour, Yoga, Nature & Culture Tour, Everest Yoga, Meditation & Massage, Glimpse of Bhutan Tour, Glimpse of Nepal & Bhutan, Nepal Bhutan Winter Tour, Khopara Trekking, Nepal Jungle Paradise Tour, Nepal Scenic tour and so on. We also furnish you with a detailed list of the optional activities, so you can get the most from your panoramic Himalayan holidays.

Our professional team of dedicated, passionate trekking specialists is committed to provide our clients with an adventure to remember and one that will be proud of. Each team member of Trekking Trail Nepal is a license holder in their field of expertise, who has spent many years in the tourism industry, and dedicated to delivering maximum satisfaction to our clients. We aim to introduce you to adventures that are worth sharing, and memories that will remain with you for years to come.

When traveling with us you will feel a sense of comfort as you become a part of our family. This is our corner of the world. We love it passionately and we want to share it with kindred souls.We are proud to present the Himalayas to the world! So come and Unveil the Himalayan Paradise with Us and welcome to the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal with Trekking Trail Nepal. Namaste!!

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