Club Pilot Course at Kamshet

Nirvana Adventures
  • 5 days
  • Easy
  • 4.9
  • Air

At Kamshet Nirvana Adventures provide Club Pilot Course, Having completed your Elementary Pilot course you are guaranteed to want to learn more and expand your horizons. This is an important level to aim for, if you intend to continue with the sport.


Club pilot course for paragliding perfection

What's the pilot rating?

Club Pilot

Is it for me?

This course is for elementary pilots looking to learn more skills and fly longer and higher.

Am I eligible to do it?

An elementary pilot course done in the recent past in any part of the world with a log of Minimum 15 Solo EP flights followed by a Pre Soaring Instructional Tandem will make you eligible to take up this course.

What do I learn from it?

This course is designed to help you fly for extended periods. You will hone your skills in the air as well as freshen and expand your understanding of site assessment, weather assessment, meteorology, flight planning, rules of the air and safety. You will learn how to gain height and soar like a bird for extended periods of time. You will gain a deeper understanding of the glider, its characteristics and how to fly it safely and competently as well as deal with instability. The emphasis here is to get you comfortable in the air on your own as the pilot in command. Radio supervision is provided for your comfort and safety.


  • Forward & reverse launch techniques
  • Strong wind post landing procedures
  • Planned approaches
  • Ridge Soaring
  • Exploring the speed range
  • Accelerator systems
  • Weight shift
  • Pitch control
  • 180 degree & 360 degree turns
  • Cross wind launch
  • Rapid descent techniques
  • Dealing with asymmetric tucks
  • Duration flights up to one hour duration
  • Simulator Sessions
  • Meteorology
  • Principles of flight
  • Rules of the air
  • Airmanship knowledge
  • Theory of instability & emergencies
  • Audio / visual interactive sessions
  • Glider care
  • Multiple choice written exam

What does the course package include?

The above course package includes equipment usage (a set of equipment is allotted for your exclusive use during training), course material, instruction ,radio supervision , complimentary site transport as well as food & stay (4 nights & 5 days) at our Native Place guesthouse.


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