Cocopelli Surf School

Cocopelli Surf School is the first and only surf school in Karnataka.

Why Us:

  • Our school is ISA (International Surf Association) recognized and our team consists of certified level 1 surf instructors.
  • We conduct training in small groups to provide individual attention and help you to be an experienced surfer.
  • We conduct daily surfing lessons.
  • Our experienced surf teacher will give you instructions about techniques and safety before you start paddling to the sea to tackle your first wave.
  • The long main beach of gokarna and its clear water provides perfect waves for beginners.

Additional details:

  • Suitable time for beginners to surf would be from October to may and for those who want a challenging wave and are pro in surfing the ideal time would be before October and after may.
  • Cocopelli is an American myth, a half god and half man who brought happiness and joy to the people wherever there were tears, anger, sadness or fear. Similarly, we at cocopelli surf school help people from all over the world to forget their troubles through surfing. So come spend a relaxing and excited surfing vacation at one of the most beautiful surf spot in India.

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