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Tanzania has some of the best places that cater for an African Safari. Close your eyes and listen to the herd sounds of the wildebeests, the low growl of predators and the drifting Maasai music. Catch the extreme wildlife action at the world's most sought after safari experience, the Tanzanian Safari paints your adventure with the wildest shade of excitement.With an exquisite culmination of flora and fauna flooding your horizon, you'll find yourself questioning the scope of reality. Bask in the glorious Serengeti national park, Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire National park and Lake Manyara and experience Africa’s best wildlife destination. From Pink flamingoes to tree climbing lions - Tanzania will leave you stunned.Be ready to spectate the phenomenal wildlife spectacle - The great migration. It witnesses around 2 million wildebeest rampaging the plains in search for lush green grass. Tanzania also gives you the flawless package with snow kissed mountains, rocky terrains, volcanic craters, hidden water holes and white sand shores. Besides the Big 5 more than 80 large mammal species call Tanzania home, living in the 25% of the area of the country that has been demarcated into conservation areas and National Parks.

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