Enthusiasts from across the globe gravitate to this enchanting game park with the captivating Murchison falls having stirred the wanderlust in them. Being at the heart of the park and unquestionably its claim to fame, Murchison falls is sure to fall on the bucket lists of many travel connoisseurs. Lose yourself as you watch the dauntless white Nile explode through a narrow gorge from an outlet of the Lake Victoria and collapse into a mystifying wall of mist, blushing with the hues of the rainbow and drenching you with awe. The vigorous, rock grinding drop is surely a jaw dropping sight. Fall in love with these falls as its splendour encloses upon you and renders you speechless. Embrace the unmistakable heartthrob of the landscape and let it calm your qualms with it's mere intensity.

Spanning over 12 days, this Uganda tour is a spectacular choice to cover almost everything that the country has to offer. The glorious Bwindi National Park which Is renowned for its...
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This 2 day adventure at Murchison Falls and Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary takes you through the spectacular heritage of Uganda. Breathtaking landscapes and alluring wildlife are bound to...
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As the Nile flows down, its shores are sure to do justice to their role as a scenic standout as well as a wildlife magnet. Bank on the river banks to showcase the wild that are worth your while. Unwind as you wind through a diverse set of landscapes ranging from Savanna to woodlands to riverine forests.Claim the enticing odds of meeting four out of the big five, which includes lions, leopards, elephants and buffaloes. The park is brimming with as many as 76 species of mammals and over 450 species of birds. Discern a sly lion blending into the hues of the sweeping grasslands, catch the iconic Uganda chimpanzee consumed in its notorious hustle and bustle, and spot multitudes of hippos, crocodiles, waterbucks and buffaloes lazing by the banks of the Nile. Be it in the winds, the waters or on land, this national park hosts a surprise anywhere you look.

Different types of Safaris at Murchison Falls National Park

Nile Wildlife Boat Safari

Get to the bottom of the stupendous Murchison falls! Choose a boat Safari or cruise organiser of your liking, grab a watercraft and sail along the long river. This is your ticket to the the most intimate experience with the ridiculously breathtaking drop of the Murchison falls. Let its overbearing force blow your mind and shatter all your inhibitions. Of course, you can pick the course of your preference. You can tour up the river to face the fascinating falls, or journey down the waters for some promising sightings. March up to your deck and soak in the Nile banks decked with wildlife.

Game Drive

What’s a visit to the African wilderness without an authentic experience of a Safari in Uganda. Weave through the raw, wild terrain on wheels and it’s sure to drive you crazy. Take a shot at shooting the big five (on camera of course) and embrace the abundance of wildlife species on your pursuit. Discover these sought after creatures at close quarters in their own habitats, get fluent with the language of the forests where every subtle scent, sound or gesture translates to the likes of a mating call, a sign of a fight or perhaps, the onset of a hunt. Blend into the bewitching beauty of the dense forests on your unforgettable Uganda safari.

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

This majestic creature is regrettably listed amongst the critically endangered species. The Ziwa sanctuary has taken upon nurturing this species and has the its rhinos strictly protected within its walls. Ziwa is the only spot that allows spotting rhinos on foot. Rhino tracking is an adrenaline inducing adventure in itself as you'll be walking into the big bush and retracing the steps of the second biggest mammal and quite possibly, the most aggressive creature on the planet. You will, however stay at a safe distance and will always be in the company of a skilled ranger guide who can steer you out of harm's way. So, brace yourself to take on the wild, one stride at a time and hone your skills to spot a horn peeking out of the grasslands. Spot these thick skinned beauties in the rugged thickness and marvel at the tough, gray build that they flaunt. You are sure to hold this unique sighting close to your heart. Apart from rhinos, this sanctuary also hosts a horde of birds, reptiles and other species like antelopes, crocodiles, hippos etc.

Nile Boat Safari
Murchison Falls
Rhinos At Ziwa Sanctuary

Murchison Falls National Park Permit & Fees

The Murchison Falls conservation area has a lot of activities apart from the basic park entrance fee. Based on the activity you wish to do, you will have to buy suitable permits.

The table below summarises the costs for you:

Best Season To Visit Murchison National Park

Watching wildlife in Murchison Falls National Park is generally good and at its best during the Dry season, from December to February. However, January and February can be very hot and scenery is more beautiful during the Wet season from June to November.

You could also opt for an excursion along Lake Albert, which is a hotspot for birdwatchers, or try your hand at fishing in the ever providing Nile. Choose as you may, the Murchison national park leaves you in a trance and transforms your life with a visit. With enticing populations of wildlife for game viewing, a panorama of unique adventures and most importantly, the literally groundbreaking Murchison falls at the heart of its allure, this national park is crafted to call on the instincts of a travel craver. Spent as you may be, at the end of your adventure, the destination gives you the best spent time of your life. Set out for the Murchison falls national park where you can lose yourself and find yourself at the same time. This destination is truly an encounter that counts, and will always stay with you.

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