Dive Chennai

Dive Chennai is an operator offering surfing lessons in Chennai, India.

Why Us:

  • To take up surfing lessons you must be able to swim and this will be assessed before we begin the course.
  • Beginning of the lesson we show you a surfing video covering basics of surfing, how to stand up, how and when to catch a wave and learning surf conditions.
  • Depending on your experience, we start with a body board and fins to emphasize the theory from the video. Once you are confidently catching waves, then we start on the surf boards.
  • The length of time you can stay out for is highly dependent on your fitness level, hence it is better to spread the lessons for few days to get the full benefit.
  • We have a range of surfboards, body boards, fins and assorted toys.
  • We rent gear only to those who have taken lessons with us.

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