Emergency First Response (EFR) Course at Andaman

Doongi Dives
  • 1 day
  • Very Easy
  • 4.9
  • Water

Have you ever wondered how you might help somebody in a first aid emergency situation? Take a step toward emergency preparedness with Emergency First Response.


This course is provided by PADI and SSI.

PADI : 5500/-

SSI: 5000/-

Diving Sites


A shallow fringe reef on the south-eastern side of Havelock, the Aquarium is a good spot for training dives, both for open water students and continuing education students. The highlight of the site is a chance to see dugongs, but lagoon rays, turtles, napoleons and groupers are also common. You may also see the highly venomous stonefish, and several types of nudibranches here.

Dixon Pinnacle

Dixon’s Pinnacle, discovered by Dixon, a famous instructor, consists of 3 pinnacles, actually – a large pinnacle with the top at 18m, and 2 smaller pinnacles with their tops at around 25m. The pinnacles are encrusted with tube corals and large barrel sponges; hordes of schooling bannerfish make this site their home and groupers, napoleons, unicornfish, anemonefish and various shrimps and crabs can be seen here. Turtles and barracudas are the highlights of this spectacular site, and we do spot an occasional manta and shark here as well.

Johnny’s Gorge

Johnny’s Gorge is a small rocky outcrop in the open sea, with a profusion of large pelagics – big schools of barracudas, lots of sharks (white tips, black tips, nurse sharks and bull sharks), mackerels, trevally, tuna, eagle rays, napoleons, huge groupers and occasional manta rays as well. This one matches up to any site anywhere in the world.


A shallow reef sticking out near the Havelock Lighthouse, this under-appreciated site once had a large forest of staghorn coral, which was flattened by the tsunami However, it is still a very good muck diving site. It provides shelter to yellow trumpetfish, various angelfish, bannerfish, fusiliers and. Further on, the reef gets deeper and isolated pockets of rock act as an oasis of life in the sandy bottom. Large table corals, a couple of gorgonians, lot of feather stars in various colorations and occasionally eagle ray and turtle sightings make this a very site.


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