Emergency First Response Instructor Course (EFRI) at Andaman

Barefoot Scuba
  • 1 day
  • Very Easy
  • 4.9
  • Water

Emergency First Response gives you the tools you need to perform CPR and First Aid. Whether you're a diver or a non-diver, Emergency First Response prepares you to properly handle potentially life-threatening situations.


Prerequisites: EFR certification

Now that you are EFR certified and want to take things to the next level why not become an EFR Instructor?

The Emergency First Response Instructor Course is a course for those who want to be able to teach primary care, secondary care, first aid and care for children to others. It is a really useful rating to have as these are things that you need outside the field of diving and can be taught to anyone. It does not just have to be in the dive environment but obviously applies in it as well. The EFR Instructor rating is now a prerequisite to become a PADI Instructor so well worth getting.

Help other make a difference in a life threatening situation and save a life today.


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