Extreme Flying Club

Extreme Flying Club is a top class company offering paragliding in Bir Billing

Our Mission:

To provide adventure at the extreme.

Why Us:

  • We have the best qualified trainers and instructors with over 16+ years of experience making us one of the best flying clubs in India.
  • We provide spectacular paragliding services for tourists visiting Himalayas from all over the world.
  • If you are interested in building a career as a pilot or wish to take a joyride and enjoy the thrill of flying, we help you in experiencing the best of everything.
  • Our flying site in Bir is surrounded by numerous breathtaking views, allowing you to enjoy the sport as well as to admire the best of nature.
  • We believe in giving a lifetime experience for our customers who like living life on the edge.
  • We also welcome travelers who contribute to the adventurous sport of paragliding.
  • All our equipment and gadgets are new and meet the international standard norms.

OUR Adventures

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