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Welcome to Extreme Water Sports Dubai! We are a 5 Star PADI IDC Dive Centre. Learn and Experience diving and water sports activities with us.

Scuba Diving presents exhilarating moments of a re-defined life. Far from the noisy world, we swim into the serene beatitude of underwater world of flora, fishes, creatures, reefs, seascapes, which instills freshness and relaxation. Under -water photography and collection of corals and pearls are pleasurable and enticing. In addition to skill and expertise, Scuba Divers require skill, expertise, and thorough knowledge of the spots and places, salvo moves and tricks of escapes, challenges related to ocean etc. As a blend of adventure and exploration, Scuba Diving calls for the guidance and instructions of skilled, knowledgeable and expert trainers. Only an authentic water sport company with expert and skilled trainers can mould excellent divers and trainers of diving. Extreme Water Sports is an excellent scuba diving centre recognized by PADI. We impart Scuba Training at all levels from diving for pleasure to acquiring mastery as trainers.

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