Fun Diving at Havelock - 2 Dives

INR 5000

1 Day, 2 Dives.


Diving Essentials

We dive with Aqualung Calypso regulators, Seaquest BCDs, Look & Ventura masks, Blade Flex open-heeled fins, and 3 mm wetsuits. The gauges are in metric units (bars and meters). Our tanks are 80 cu ft Aluminum cylinders from Luxfer with INT fitting. Our compressors are Bauer certified. We maintain our equipment with great care to ensure proper functioning. Our staff dives with computers to ensure your Nitrogen load safety!

Approach and Safety First!

Our dives last for 1 hour or till you are low on air, and are completed in a ratio of 4 divers to 1 Guide. We try to match people in ability, experience and air consumption. We expect you to follow safe diving practices. These are: dive with a buddy, dive within your limits of training and ability, no deco diving and not deeper than 30 meters, low on air at 50 bar, slowly ascend from every dive, safety stop when required, plan your dive with your dive master, and dive your plan. Above all we want you to stay well hydrated so there will be plenty of water on the boat. Happy diving!

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