Indus Paragliding

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Indus Paragliding is a professional Paragliding School located at Kamshet near Mumbai/Pune that offers Paragliding courses and Tandem Joyrides.

Why Indus

Ease of Access:

Our base is within the driving distance from some of the best flying sites of western ghats like Tower hill, the Pavna Dam site and Shelar mountain site.

Customized courses

The courses conducted by Indus are based on British Hang gliding and Paragliding Association (BHPA) system and is customized as per the Indian weather pattern and its geographical situation. We conduct courses like Elementary Pilot (EP) and Club Pilot (CP) that help our students turning into confident pilots.

State-of-Art Gear:

The paragliding gears used by Indus are of high certified quality, manufactured by the best European companies and meet the international safety standards.

Suitable for non-gliders:

We organize joyrides for non-gliders, those who have limited time and wish to experience the freedom and serenity of freeflight without actually taking up the course. In tandem paragliding the wings are larger and designed to carry a glider and one passenger. The passenger is seated in the front on a comfortable suspended harness and let to experience the thrill of free flying.

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