Intermediate Paragliding Course at Solang, Manali

Himalayan Raiders

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Intermediate Paragliding Course at Solang, Manali - By Himalayan Raiders



  • Theory

  • 180 degree turns to a consistent level

  • Planned approaches - 2 successful planned flights making controlled landing within 10m of a target


  • Soaring flight - 3 successful flights using ridge lift to maintain / gain height.

Improving skills

  • Exploring the speed range

  • Accelerator system

  • Forward launching

  • Reverse launching

  • Weight shift and pitch-roll in turns

  • Cross wind and slope landings

Instability and emergencies

  • Theory

  • Active flying

  • Rapid descent techniques

  • Dealing with an asymmetric tuck

Theory lessons

  • Meteorology

  • Principles of flight

  • Rules of the air and air law

  • General airmanship knowledge


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