Kovalam Surf Club

The Kovalam Surf Club, founded in 2005 is one of the leading surf schools in Kovalam, Kerala.

Our Mission:

To help school dropouts and the poorest in the area by providing free surf lessons, free education and other facilities.


All the money made with the commercial aspect by the Kovalam Surf Club flows back directly to the local community.

Why Us:

  • Our instructors are experienced professionals who have been teaching surfing for all kinds of people.
  • We have been teaching surfing to kids as small as 5 years to a 60 year old adults.Even blind children have learnt surfing with us and have been successful in catching the first waves on their own.
  • Compared with other surf schools in India, we have deliberately offered cheapest prices for our surf lessons so that people from all social classes can afford it.
  • All the equipment and modern and meet the international standards.
  • We teach lessons in English, Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi and upon request in French, Spanish, Dutch or German.
  • Kovalam Surf Club is a part of Bigger NGO SISP, which has been active since 1996. All the members of the kovalam Surf club are local boys and girls.
  • We are a registered sports club and were the first official surf club in India.
  • “No School - No Surfing!” is the main rule to participate in our surfing lessons.

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