Mount Stok Kangari - 6000M (Trekking Peak) in Jammu&Kashmir

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Mount Stok Kangari - 6000M (Trekking Peak) in Jammu&Kashmir by Red Chilli Adventure


Stok Kangri is one of the most beautiful peaks in Ladakh. By Ladakhis it is called Kanglachan, meaning view of all the mountains. The climb is technically not difficult and requires no special mountaineering skills. This is a great chance climbing a 6150m mountain in less than a week, not possible in any other part of Asia. The summit provides spectacular views of the Karakoram Range including K2 and the Saser peaks.


  • Day 1:

    Leh – Mancarmo (4- 5 hrs) In the early morning hours we leave for Stok by jeep. Upon arrival our pony man will load our big backpacks on the horses and with our small daypacks we head off for Mancarmo. On our first day we will walk by fascinating rock formations, and it is a good chance spotting Bharal (blue sheep) along the way. In wintertime and early spring, snowleopards also come down to hunt in the valley. Stok. In the afternoon we will arrive in Mancarmo, a pasture ground for animals belonging to villagers from Mancarmo. It is probably on one of the highest grassing grounds in the world at 4300m. Here we will pitch our tents for the night and the cook will serve us a nice meal.

  • day 2:

    Mancarmo – Base Camp (3-4 hrs) Gradually we go higher into a desolate area inhabited only by animals. At an altitude of 5000m we will acclimatize before our summit push early the next morning. Surrounded by high mountains we will prepare mentally and physically for the big day.

  • day 3:

    Base Camp – Summit – Base Camp Depending on weather and snow conditions, we leave in the middle of night, around 1:00 am. Usually the sky is more clear and the snow harder and easier to walk upon in night/morning when it is colder. Waking up, we just have a cup of tea, bring our lunch bags, and head off into the night, hopefully clear with stars and a moon that will guide us in its silver glow. It is a strenuous walk, and in the last part we will most likely use ice axes, crampons and maybe a rope, depending upon snow conditions. However, by the time we come close to the top, which usually takes 7-8 hrs, you will forget about the hardship as you are surrounded by one of the most beautiful sights in the Himalayas. In good weather, the early morning sun will bring its golden rays over the Saser group in the Great Karakoram Range, where K2 lies. To bring good fortune, we leave our Khatag – a religious scarf on the peak, which is covered in prayer flags. Leaving the peak, we go down to Base Camp in about 3-4 hrs. By the time we arrive, the only thing running in our mind is diving into our sleeping bags for a welcomed rest.

  • Day 4:

    Base Camp – Stok (4 hrs) This morning we will not hurry and by the time you open your eyes, you will realize that you have scaled a peak higher than any mountain in Europe or North America! After breakfast we walk down to Stok where the Taxi is waiting to take us back to Leh.

Check list for multi day trips

  1. Warm Sleeping Bag (till 0 degree C or below at least),
  2. Woolens/thermal underwear
  3. Wind/rain proof jacket
  4. Feather Down jacket- Optional
  5. Hiking/trekking shoes - Important
  6. Spare sandals -Optional
  7. Camera- Optional
  8. Woolen socks
  9. Water Bottle
  10. Flash Light and spare batteries - Important
  11. Sun Shade/Hat with Brim/woolen hat/gloves
  12. Sunglasses
  13. Sun Lotion
  14. Sunscreen/Sun block
  15. Vaseline/Lip Salve
  16. Insect Repellent
  17. Personal Toiletries - towels/soap etc.
  18. Personal Medication if any
  19. Rucksack/duffel bag to carry your baggage
  20. Inflatable mattress (optional), we provide foam-mattress.
  21. Small daypack to carry camera, packed lunch, water bottle and wind/rain jacket on a walk.
  22. Long trousers / long shirts / T-shirts etc.

You will live in 4 season tents to withstand weather extremes, if any on the trip. Other items of personal nature need to be added by you especially personal medication, if any. Temperatures are going to vary between 25-30 degrees Celsius to 5-10 degrees at night. Long pants and long shirts are handy because of the strong sun in the mountains.

Note: we can arrange down sleeping bag on your request at an extra cost of Rs 100 per day.


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