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Within the stark beauty of the region of Ladakh, the Chadar trek is is one of the most challenging treks that leaves you with a sense of achievement that cannot be compared! Get quotes and compare packages offered for Chadar trek by over a dozen operators.

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The frozen Zanskar river trek, also known as Chadar trek, is a journey along the Zanskar River, a north-flowing tributary of the Indus. Trekkers walk along the frozen river in winter, with bone-chilling winds blowing and overnight temperatures going as low as -35 degrees. A trek for the hardiest of trekkers, this is truly a once in a lifetime journey. The trek is a 9 Days/8 Nights challenging expedition.

Chadar is also a cultural trek that will allow you to glimpse firsthand the ancient culture in Zanskar and Ladakh. Along the trek, you’ll visit small towns such as Pidmo, Stongde, and Zangla with beautiful Buddhist gompas and forts adorning your path. The weather conditions are pretty much unpredictable – varying form completely clear on one day to snowstorms on the next.

The route is mostly icy with a few rock climbs thrown into the mix. There are, however, well-trodden trails which are used by the local people on a daily basis. The main attraction of the trek is, of course, the frozen river itself, which is a beautiful sight to behold. The actual extent of ice on the river varies day to day. Moreover, it also varies from one year to the next. With the difficult landscape and hostile weather, this is a trek suitable for experienced trekkers. Not only do you need to be able to cope with tough trails and passes, you also need to be comfortable with camping outdoors in less-than-perfect weather. Although there are a few houses here and there, you’ll spend most of your nights sleeping in caves. When you do find some local house to stay in, you’ll be treated to some delicious Ladakhi food and hospitality.

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