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Having an outstanding trek so close to Dharamshala can be considered as a treat beyond imagination! Such an experience is ensured with the Indrahar Pass Trek, that provides a trekking journey to high altitudes with scintillating views. Compare prices, details and ratings for multiple operators for Indrahar Pass trek. Prices start from Rs. 7500

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Indrahar Pass trek is situation in the state of Himachal Pradesh, among the mountains of the Dhauladhar Range. The trek is relatively 3 nights/4 days journey and achieving a maximum altitude of 14,245 feet. With a difficulty level of moderate to challenging being stamped on the Indrahar Pass trek, a distance of 35 kilometers would be traveled in the 4 day experience. The best time to commit to the Indrahar Pass trek is between the months of May to November. Due to being very close to Dharamshala, the trek gives one the pleasure of witnessing the beauties of the Buddhist influence of the area as well. The trek begins in McLeod Ganj towards Tirund. On the second day the trek from Triund to Ilaqa Got is done. On the way of this leg of the journey, the Lahesh Caves are visited. Finally from Ilaqa Got, the final ascent to the Indrahar Pass is made.

The Indrahar Pass trek is known for the picturesque views that can be witnessed of the Himalayan peaks. The short duration coupled with a reasonably challenging nature, makes the Indrahar Pass trek worth participating in. This trek displays the true Himalayan beauty with a destination being one of the famed mountain passes, while embracing the massive peaks along with clear and newly born rivers. The Dhauladhar Ranges is known for its graceful appeal while providing views like no other. If high altitude trekking is in the agenda while witnessing the beauties of the Himalayas, the Indrahar Pass trek is one to sign up for!

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We are India's largest adventure portal. We have 12 Indrahar Pass trekking packages in Himachal Pradesh offered by professional Trekking operators.

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Indrahar Pass Trek

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Yes. AMS is a definite risk when trekking in the Himalayas. Usually people are at risk at altitudes above 9000ft. Most of the Himalayan treks go beyond this altitude. So all precautions need to be taken for sure.

It really depends on where you are trekking. Eg: in the western ghats of karnataka, you are likely to find spotted deer, sambar, Indian Gaur or Bison, some places elephants, variety of snakes, leopards, wild boars, etc. In Bandipur national park, you could spot a tiger too if you are lucky. In the himalayas you could spot Ibex, blue sheep or even a snow leopard!!

You can probably use trailgaiters. You can find more information about them here:

Definitely not advisable. Entering a forest without permission is a non-bailable offence. You could get lucky and get away with just a warning if you feign ignorance, but you are still breaking the law. My suggestion, ask for permits. Sometimes the forest officers are quite friendly.