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Humans have always had an affinity to flying. Paragliding is the closest creation to be able to soar high in the sky like an eagle! India is no stranger to paragliding and offers a variety of locations and operators

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The thrilling sport of paragliding comprises of soaring thousand feet in the air on a comfortable seat attached to a paraglider. An easy launch requiring to jog on a downward slope, paragliding gives the literal version of a bird's eye view of the wonders of nature around you, be it mountains or oceans.

The sport of paragliding has no prerequisites and can be participated by all. India is a world renowned country for paragliding with some of the locations being considered one of the best in the world, for beginners as well as experienced gliders! Bir Billing (Paragliding in Bir) is considered as one of them. Bir has hosted numerous world competitions and provides views of the great mountains and valleys of the area. On the other side of the spectrum, Goa (Paragliding in Goa) offers some great glides over lovely beaches and lush green hills.

Kerala (Paragliding in Kerala), offers a couple of locations that offers you the opportunity to glide over the mystical vegetation and nature of the state. Kamshet (Paragliding in Kamshet), near Pune, is known to have very suitable conditions and topography for paragliding, particularly for beginners. With low height hills, Kamshet comprises of excellent landing spots. Likewise near Mumbai (Paragliding in Mumbai), Virar offers a coastal location with highly laminar winds that results in a delightful paragliding experience.

Finally, the Valley of Gods, Manali (Paragliding in Manali) offers a mesmerizing flights with numerous sites that will take you over picturesque scenery of the Himalayas and the River Beas.

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We are India's largest adventure portal. We have over 140 Paragliding adventures for you in India offered by 40 professional Paragliding companies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Paragliding is a sport that needs skill rather than physical strength. Having said that there is a good need to be physically fit to fly as many sites do not have road access to the top. Carrying a 15Kg bag on your back and climbing a hill in the hot sun is certainly not for the weak hearted.

Paragliding is relatively new to India. It was introduced here in early 1990s (1991-92), by some foreign pilots who came to Kullu valley to explore the possibilities of flying in the region. It didn't take long for the local adventure lovers to pick up this sport from there. Billing in Kangra valley was already a renowned destination for hang gliding by then and it too soon adopted paragliding from Kullu. Gradually the sport spread to other parts of the country with over a dozen locations having active flying clubs currently.

Tandem paragliding is mostly a tourist centric activity. Places like Manali, Goa and Vagamon in Kerala have a lot of pilots taking tourists on tandem rides for a charge. While the activity is a good way to get introduced to the sport, it is always lot more fun to learn it yourself. But if you just want the thrill of flying using non-motorised equipment, tandem is the way!!