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"Food, water and air keep me alive. But it is while flying I am truly living every moment"

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Paragliding is safe to try, easy to learn and extremely thrilling and those based out of Bangalore can take up basic pilot courses in one or two weekend trips!

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First thing you need to know about Paragliding is that its awesome and safe. You can rest assured that once you hurl yourself off the cliff, its the most thrilling experience you will have.

Developed from parachuting canopies, paragliders are light weight (12-15 Kgs), foot launched aircraft that has no rigid structure. Paragliding is the easiest form of light aviation and the paraglider can be soared effortlessly on windward slopes and across the country. Also, there is no fear of heights in Paragliding as unlike in Skydiving, you do not need to jump off cliffs. All you need to do to launch is jog down a slope and you can abort the launch whenever you feel uncomfortable.

There are several paragliding operators in South India that offer tandem flights where an instructor flies for you and you can sit back and enjoy the rush. But the real deal is in flying all by yourself! The thrill in flying on your own, soaring freely through the skies for hours with no noise, no stress and no predetermined place to land is beyond description and can only be realized by experiencing it.

Access to courses in Paragliding from Bangalore

Learning to paraglide is not much harder than learning to cycle or swim. Anyone above 16 years with a reasonable level of fitness can learn paragliding with some effort and perseverance. Closest paragliding schools from Bangalore are located at Vagamon in Kerala, Kerim in Goa and at Kamshet near Pune.

You can enroll for a four-day elementary pilot course (can be done at a stretch or over two weekends) that will teach you the basics of the sport, introducing you to canopy and equipment, site, weather assessment, launch and landing procedures, ground handling, rules of the air and other theory and will give you about ten to twelve supervised solo flights. On completing the elementary course, you can take the Club Pilot course where you will learn about the advanced techniques of flying and longer flight duration flying skills.

How to choose your paragliding school

Instructor experience, Affiliations/certifications and safety record of the school should be the most important criteria while choosing a school. Check if the school follows a planned system of training derived from any international paragliding associations standard operating procedures. Also note the Instructor to student ratio and if training flights are supervised by radio instructions from the trainer. Ensure that the institution has a valid certification and also check the level of certification. The highest possible level is "Advanced Tandem Instructor"

Paragliding courses in South India

In one or two weekend trips from Bangalore, learn how to fly on your own!

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