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Considered as one of the oldest treks in the Indian Himalayas, the Pin Parvati trek is a rugged experience that will challenge you to the fullest while witnessing the wonders of the Himalayas. Compare prices, details and ratings for multiple operators for the Pin Parvati trek.

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The Pin Parvati Valley, or the 'Valley of Gods', is situated in Himachal Pradesh. The trek is a long 12 days/11 nights affair with a staggering 110 kilometers being trekked throughout. The trek is considered to be difficult in nature with a maximum altitude of 17,500 feet (5,319 m) being achieved. The best season to conduct the Pin Parvati trek is between the months of July and September. The 12 day trek begins in Kullu, from where a drive to Barsheni will occur. That same day will include a trek to Rudranath. The next couple of days will have all the trekking, challenging to the very core. From Rudranath, one would trek to Khir Ganga and then on to Tunda Bhuj. From Tunda Bhuk, an ascent will be made to Thakur Kuan and then finally to Mantalai Lake. Over here a day will be taken to rest and acclimatize to the high altitude. The final ascend is then mad to the Parvati Side and Pin Side base camp.

The Pin Parvati trek in Himachal Pradesh is considered as one of the most challenging and toughest treks of India. The trek is known to be one of the oldest trails to have existed in India, being discovered in 1884 as a alternative pathway to Spiti Valley. Due to its high endurance and challenging nature, the Pin Parvati trek requires experienced and good skills and techniques of trekking to ensure a safe ascent. However, the sights that the Pin Parvati trek offers is like no other. With a variety of landscape and terrain with different gradients surrounded by snow peaks and high altitudes, the Pin Parvati pass trek is one that will bring a different perspective of life and nature!

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We are India's largest adventure portal. We have 5 Pin Parvati trekking packages in Himachal Pradesh offered by professional Trekking operators.

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Pin Parvati Trek

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Yes. AMS is a definite risk when trekking in the Himalayas. Usually people are at risk at altitudes above 9000ft. Most of the Himalayan treks go beyond this altitude. So all precautions need to be taken for sure.

It really depends on where you are trekking. Eg: in the western ghats of karnataka, you are likely to find spotted deer, sambar, Indian Gaur or Bison, some places elephants, variety of snakes, leopards, wild boars, etc. In Bandipur national park, you could spot a tiger too if you are lucky. In the himalayas you could spot Ibex, blue sheep or even a snow leopard!!

You can probably use trailgaiters. You can find more information about them here:

Definitely not advisable. Entering a forest without permission is a non-bailable offence. You could get lucky and get away with just a warning if you feign ignorance, but you are still breaking the law. My suggestion, ask for permits. Sometimes the forest officers are quite friendly.