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Dash through the raging rapids and wash your fears in the waters of Ganges at Rishikesh

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Paddle some of the most exciting rapids on the Ganga at Rishikesh in a day rafting trip. Gently float past holy temples,old ashrams and vibrant ghats. Enjoy the riverbank life along the Ganga in Rishikesh.

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Rishikesh, the Yoga capital of the world is the Gateway to the Himalayas. Being surrounded by hills, Rishikesh provides great opportunities for trekking, climbing, mountain biking and rappelling. But above all other adventure sports, Rishikesh is most renowned for whitewater rafting on Ganga (or Ganges). So much so that it has earned the title of 'Rafting capital of India'!

Rafting Stretches:

There are four different sections for river rafting at Rishikesh that are commercially run as day trips. The shortest and easiest of them all starts from Bhrampuri (09 KMs) and is a 2 hour trip. This would be ideal for families, non-swimmers and those who want to take it easy. The next rafting trip starts from Shivpuri (16 KMs) and is a 3 hours stretch that is often preferred by corporate teams. A slightly longer rafting stretch starts from Marine drive(25 KMs) and is a 4 hour trip consisting of class III+ rapids. Finally, there is a full day rafting trip from Kaudiyala(36 KMs) that takes about 6 hrs and is meant for daredevils who want to feel the power of class IV and IV+ rapids. All the rafting trips end at Nim beach or near Laxman Jhula in Rishikesh.

Name Type Description
The WallRapidGrade IV Rapid. "The Wall" is the hardest rapid in the entire Rishikesh rafting section that requires considerable skill from the guide and a supportive team to maneuver it safely. Rafts flip here sometimes but it is more fun and thrilling than dangerous as the swimmers are rescued easily by the guides and everyone would be wearing life jackets.
3 Blind MiceRapidGrade III. 3 blind mice is 3 consecutive rapids coming in quick succession. River passage along this rapid becomes a narrow water way which creates powerful waves and holes that form this rapid. Rafting here is an increibly fun experience.
Golf CourseRapidGrade III+ Rapid, changing to grade III or IV depending on the river levels at Rishikesh. Golf course is renowned for flipping rafts and it takes power and precision to maneuver through this rapid.
Roller CoasterRapidGrade III rapid. This is a wave train with long, high and irregular waves interspersed with obstacles with boiling eddies on the sides. It is one of the most fun rapids for rafters to paddle in the entire Rishikesh rafting section.
KaudiyalaStarting PointRafting trip from Kaudiyala(35 KM) near Rishikesh takes full day and runs only when the river is running a bit high. It has one class IV rapid called "The Wall" and about 9 grade III/III+ rapids.
Marine DriveStarting PointStarting point for the half day rafting section(25 KM, 4 Hours) in Rishikesh. This stretch of river has about eight grade III/III+ rapids each of which have been given interesting names as per their history/shape.
ShivpuriStarting PointRafting trips starting from Shivpuri run for about 16 KM in 3 hours. You will paddle about six class III/III+ rapids and in the later part of the trip, you can try Body Surfing and Cliff Jumping in this section.
BhrampuriStarting PointStarting point for the easiest and smallest rafting trips at Rishikesh. You will face a few class II rapids as you slowly move and relax with the flow of river. This is ideal for kids, elderly or those who are not confident of tackling harder rapids.
Nim BeachEnding PointThis is the ending point of the rafting trip at Rishikesh. You will find your vehicle waiting to drive you back to Rishikesh one you freshen up.

More activities:

Some of the rafting operators will also let you try body surfing during and will give you the option of jumping some 22 feet from a ledge into the river. Besides rafting, you can also try other allied activities like riverside campaign, trekking to a waterfall, bungee jumping, Rock climbing, Rappelling, Zip-lining, paint ball, flying fox etc. Most of these activities are offered in camping packages by the operators in Rishikesh.

What Next:

September to June is the best time to enjoy the thrill of white water rafting in Rishikesh. Rafting packages starts from as low as 500/- and go up as high as 5000 /- depending on rafting section and the camping options you choose. Make sure you book your trip with an operator who is licensed and check their credentials and safety record before booking your trip. Its common to find rafting guides not using helmets or PFDs for themselves at Rishikesh. Make sure you avoid such companies. Also as an additional measure of safety all the top operators have a safety kayaker accompanying the rafting trips in Rishikesh. Prefer a rafting trip with a safety kayaker always. Give us a call now for planning your perfect adventure holiday at Rishikesh!

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We are India's largest adventure portal. We have 200+ Rafting packages for you in Rishikesh offered by 30 professional River Rafting companies

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Frequently Asked Questions

While Jagdish is right to some extent, i would like to correct a bit. Firstly, that jacket works as Jagdish said, But its wrongly called a life jacket. It doesnt save life. Its called a PFD - Personal Floatation Device. It helps you keep afloat in water. Though in a whirlpool, even the PFD may not save you. Secondly, Raft guide should be trusted, but only if they are certified. See this link for best information and what questions to ask rafting operator - http://www.blipteam.com/paddlesafeindia#Section1 . I have heard lot of stories from friends where not-so-confident raft guides have left raft passengers in water (though they didn't die). Safety kayakers help, but again ask them questions about certification. Overall, non-swimmers can easily go. In a moving river like Ganga, no amount of swimming skills can give complete insurance against risk.

Commercial river rafting in Rishikesh is not done during the monsoons when the river levels become very high and difficult to navigate. Other than during monsoons, rafting is done for rest of the year. Best time to enjoy rafting at Rishikesh though, is Early summer or Spring. These are also naturally the peak seasons for rafting with weekends and holidays being overbooked for rafting often!

The age limit for participating in Rafting at Rishikesh is 14 years. Till 2015, this age limit was not strictly imposed by the authorities and so the raft guides at Rishikesh often took children below 14 on rafting trips. However, offlate because of all the attention and debate Rafting and camping at Rishikesh has generated, authorities are doing frequent random checks of rafts in the middle of trips and any raft found containing a passenger below the age limit is heavily penalized. So this season (2015) most raft operators are not risking carrying children below 14 on rafting trips in Rishikesh. So please be aware that if you have any member below 14, most of the rafting operators might refuse to take that member on-board.

Safety kayaker is a very important person on a raft trip. He is responsible for scouting a rapid ahead of the raft, giving directions to the raft, handling emergencies and taking care of swimmers and drifting equipment. Most commonly the safety kayaker helps swimmers reach the raft.

Yes, most likely it will get wet. There are however many waterproof cameras in the market that are ideal for rafting trips. GoPro is a very popular brand. If you intend to use a regular camera, make sure it is kept in a waterproof housing or in a dry bag.