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If you are a certified diver visiting Sri Lanka, treat yourself with mesmerizing dive trips provided by the island nation of Sri Lanka. Refresher courses are routinely conducted by different dive centers as well.

Diving in Sri Lanka Many reefs are offshore and you often need a boat and a guide to get to the best dive spots with corals and wrecks. Sri Lanka is also a popular destination for wreck diving. The weather patterns in Sri Lanka are such that one half of the island’s coastal waters are always suited for diving with good underwater visibility ranging between 17 to 35 Meters.

Best Diving Destinations

Dive Site Depth Recommended For Marine Life
BeruwalaWest CoastNovember to MayDeep rocky outcrops and Corals. Max depth is about 30 meters. Currents are strong and dives here are recommended for experts.
BentotaWest CoastNovember to MayRocky outcrops with Corals and exotic fish
HikkaduwaWest CoastNovember to MayRocky outcrops, Coral Reefs and Ship Wrecks with about 20 different dive sites all across the coast.
UnawantunaSouth CoastNovember to MayRocky reefs, Ship Wrecks, Black Corals and many varieties of fish are found in the dive sites here
WeligamaSouth CoastDecember to Aprilbeautiful shallow rock formations/Coral Reefs and a variety of marine life
NegomboNorth West CoastDecember to AprilRocky/Coral Reefs. Numerous species of fish, marine turtles, Moray Eels, sting rays can be spotted.
KalipitiyaNorth West CoastDecember to AprilRocky/Coral Reefs including the Bar Reef Marine Sanctuary. Ideal for spotting Moray Eels, large Groupers, and Sting Rays.
TrincomaleeEast CoastApril to OctoberRocky/Coral Reefs. Numerous species of marine life including Sting Rays, Moray Eels can be spotted here.
ColomboWest CoastDecember to AprilRocky/Coral Reefs and best Ship Wrecks in the island.
BassesSouth CoastDecember to April40 km long limestone reef with ship wrecks and amazing fish life. Basses is considered the best diving site in Sri Lanka
BatticaloaEast CoastApril to OctoberRocky/Coral Reefs and shallow & deep Ship Wrecks

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If you are interested in becoming a certified PADI diver, do check out the PADI Scuba courses in Sri Lanka that can enable your certification for diving in Sri Lanka and other dive sites in the world.

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If times is of the essence and you are not a certified diver, quick one day scuba experiences are also available in Sri lanka. Check out the Discover Scuba Diving in Sri Lanka page where you can find multiple Scuba Packages for novice divers including non-swimmers.

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We are Asia's largest adventure portal. We have many Scuba diving adventure packages for you in Sri Lanka offered by professional Scuba Diving companies

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