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Goa, located on India's west coast is mainland India's top scuba diving destination with its rich corals, colored and beautiful shells and schools of fish.

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Scuba Diving in Goa: The absence of riptide currents in Goa makes the waters ideal and safe for beginners to try Scuba. You will find professional Scuba diving operators throughout Goa who can help you explore the underwater magic of the Arabian sea in the safest way possible by providing training and arranging all the required Scuba gear and transport for your diving. Scuba diving courses are offered for non-swimmers and kids too in Goa.

Scuba Diving season in Goa is from mid October to mid April. Underwater visibility ranges between 5-10 m. The relative low visibility is mainly because of the two rivers, the Mandovi and Zuari meeting the sea and depositing their silt. The depth for scuba diving in Goa ranges from 3-30 m and the water temperature is around 27-30° C throughout the season making diving here very comfortable.

Dive Sites at Grande Island

Dive Site Depth Recommended For Marine Life
Wreck of Suzy3m - 15mExpert to beginner Scuba diversMoorish idols, snappers bat-fish, blennies, barracudas, parrot-fish, angelfish, stone-fish and nudibranchs.
Davy Jones Lockers11m - 18mExpert Scuba diversBarracudas, groupers, schools of fish like mullets, jacks, tuna e.t.c.
Sail Rock8m - 24mIntermediate to Expert Scuba diversBarracudas, Red Snappers, blue ringed angers, Red tooth triggers, Groupers, sharks, bannerfish, Moorish idols.
Reef of Uma Guma12m - 18mExpert scuba divers onlySchooling snappers, collared butterfly fish, groupers, barracuda, jacks, tuna, batfish and occasional Reef Sharks
Bounty Bay4m - 9mBeginner Scuba diversLobsters, crabs, trigger fish, peacock groupers and Sting Rays
Shelter Cove4m - 6mBeginner Scuba diversStonefish, cuttle fish, lionfish,snappers, sergeant major, Squid, parrotfish, damsels, lobsters, angelfish, sweetlips and many more
Grande Banks4m - 8mBeginner Scuba diversWhip corals, table corals are every where. Groupers, Butterfly fish, Banner fish, Puffers and Blennies

Discover Scuba diving in Goa

Discover Scuba Diving, popularly known as DSD is a programme designed by PADI with an objective to introduce scuba diving to beginners. Swimming is not required for participating in this course.

Discover Scuba diving schedule in Goa

The programme starts with a swimming pool session of about 45 min in the morning. You will go through the following in your swimming pool session: - First the dive master/instructor will explain the use of the different parts of the equipment before getting into the pool (regulator use, how to breath underwater, primary air source, secondary air source Etc)

After the swimming pool session, you will be taken to Grande Island by a boat ride and you will be diving there, accompanied by a scuba diving instructor. Each student will be accompanied by one personal instructor who will be holding the student (through the buoyancy control device) for the entire underwater duration. The instructor will be a qualified PADI dive master or dive instructor. Photos/videos will be taken for each student while diving although its not always guaranteed as the first priority of the instructor would be to ensure the safety if the student and only when after is confident of students safety, underwater, instructor will attempt to get pictures/videos.

Depending on the number of students/instructors in the boat, students would be diving in one to three batches. While you are waiting for your turn, if you are a confident swimmer, you can take the mask and go for a snorkeling session by yourself. Boat will be anchored while the students are diving, which could last for anywhere between 1 to 2.5 hours.

Once the entire student batch finishes their dives, the return journey from Grande Island would start which would take another 45 minutes. Snacks /fruit juice will be provided on the way back.

Below is a rough Itinerary:
-7:10 AM -> Reporting at Dive Center, paperwork (signing medical fitness forms)
-7:30 AM -> Swimming pool training session (for 45 min)
-8:30 AM -> Short break for 30 min (You can have your breakfast during this time
-9:00 AM -> Dive center to Sinquerim jetty where the boat awaits
-9:15 AM -> Load equipment in the boat and settle down
-9:45 AM -> Boat depart to Grande Island
-10:45 AM -> Boat reaches Grande Island and anchors
-11:00 AM - 1:00 PM -> Students dive in batches (Every student will be accompanied by one instructor.)
-1:15 PM -> Boat departs from Grande Island
-2:00 PM -> Back to Sinquerim Jetty
-2:20 PM -> Back to Dive center

Note** If you want to start your day a little delayed, you can do the swimming pool training session in the afternoon of day 1 and continue with the rest of discover scuba diving session on day 2. In this case, you will be spending 1 hour in the afternoon of day 1 and will be starting the scuba diving session at about 8:45 AM on day 2.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. If you are a certified open water diver you can get scuba equipment for rent from many dive companies in India.

Scuba diving can be done during all months except the monsoon months in India. However December to May is usually the best due to visibility and flat seas.

Scuba diving uses sophisticated underwater breathing equipment whereas snorkelling involves just a glass that covers your eyes and nose and a pipe that is used for breathing. You can dive down much deeper with scuba equipment whereas while snorkelling you are just floating on the surface.

No. In most places permission is not required to dive as long as you have the requisite certification. PADI provides certificates for various levels of scuba diving such as Open Water Diver, PADI Scuba Diver, Rescue Diver, Divemaster, etc. In order to dive at a certain spot all you would likely need is an Open Water Diver Certificate card and must be accompanied by a buddy with similar dive training or experience.

In the unusual case that a scuba equipment malfunctions one can do a buddy breathing ascent or a controlled emergency equipment release and ascent.