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Havelock is a picture perfect island surrounded by some of the most beautiful reefs and rich marine life to be found anywhere in the world. Try scuba for as low as Rs.2,500 in your Andaman vacation or select from a wide range of Scuba courses and certifications available.

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Havelock is one of the most popular scuba diving destinations in Andamans(Scuba Diving in Andamans ). Many of the scuba diving sites around Havelock are largely untouched and unexplored. Mid-November until mid-May offers the best diving conditions but diving can be done throughout the year with different seasons offering different diving conditions and experiences with temperature varying the range of 20-33 degrees celsius.

Main PADI and SSI certified diving centers on Havelock are DIVE India, Barefoot Scuba, Andaman Dive club, Andaman bubbles dive center and Doongi dives.

Some of the popular scuba diving destinations near Havelock islands are:

Dive Site About the Site Depth Recommended For Marine Life
Aquarium Good visibility site with lots of 'fish-traffic', this is one of the most suitable dive site for training dives. 11m-16m Beginners Hard corals
The Wall A huge submerged rock that drops down to a maximum of 55 meters and is full with life. Due to its close proximity and easy navigation, this site is also ideal for night diving. 10m-55m Intermediate to experts Soft Corals, Napoleon wrasse, trevally, snapper , Octopuses, scorpionfish, stonefish
Lighthouse A huge dive site, protected from currents and suitable for any kind of dives. It has a huge variety of soft and hard corals and various types of parrot fish. This location is also perfect for night dives. 6m-20m Beginners Huge forests of soft corals, barracudas and big Napoleon wrasse, banner fish, angel fish and schools of other fish
Pilot Reef A huge block of pristine hardcorals. 6m-24m Beginners Corals, butterfly fish, angelfish, bannerfish and occasionally Leopard and white tip sharks.
Minerva ledge A gigantic block of hard corals with good visibility. 10m-18m Beginners to intermediate level divers fusilier, surgeonfish and snapper and tons of other fish and occasionally sharks.
Elephant Beach Used for beginner scuba diving courses. 6m-25m Beginners Groupers,parrotfish, scorpionfish, sweetlips, seahorses and lots of other reef fish.
Johny's Gorge A bed of low-lying rocks emerging from the bottom. 25m-30m Expert scuba divers Schools of barracuda, mackerel, surgeonfish, snapper, reef sharks, groupers, stingrays and migrating manta and eagle rays.
Dixon's Pinnacle Giant rock pinnacles emerge from the shadowy bottom, covered in colourful coral and large barrel sponges. 18m-40m Expert scuba divers Batfish and trevally, Stingrays, Napoleon wrasse cruise , Turtles, moray eels, manta rays and white-tip reef sharks.

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For information on scuba diving at all possible destinations in Andaman islands including long island, Neil island and other relatively unknown destinations, visit Scuba Diving in Andamans

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We are India's largest adventure portal. We have 70+ Scuba diving adventures for you in Havelock offered by 6 professional Scuba Diving companies

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Frequently Asked Questions

Scuba diving is absolutely safe as long as the diver follows the guidelines set by PADI/SSI, uses proper gear and dives within his skill level. Statistically speaking, recreational scuba diving is safe as swimming and way safer than driving a car or motorbike or running a marathon! Perhaps the biggest danger of Scuba diving is that its highly addictive. Those who taste Scuba diving in Discover scuba diving programs come back for diving courses and post certification and keep looking for scuba diving trips in all their vacations post that!

For Scuba diving, the best season for Havelock is Decemeber to May. These months have the best visibility and no rainfall. However the Island is usually crowded from December to Mid-Jan. During September, October and November, visibility is great for Scuba diving and the crowds are less but there is a chance of occasional rainfall in the islands. Though in most cases normal rainfall doesn't stop the diving in these months but its better to check the forecasts before your plan and talk to operators.

To start with, there are nearly a 1000 species of fish and other marine life around the waters of Andaman near havelock. While most of the dive destinations contain a large variety of crustaceans and other small species of fish, there are also a few destinations frequented by reef sharks, manta rays, turtles, groupers, dolphins among others. Corals in the Havelock and around Andamans are amazing and relatively not effected by bleaching. Divers of all skill level will find amazing scuba destinations in Havelock that would rival even the top scuba destinations of the world like Red sea or Maldives. For more information, Dive Andamans has a great resource on marine life you can spot in your scuba trips off havelock island here

No, you don't need to know swimming - If you want to just experience scuba diving (typically Discover Scuba Diving experience offered by all Dive centers) either at a pool or even in open water(sea). Yes, you need to know swimming - If you want to take up scuba diving courses like PADI (OWD) Open water Diving or PADI (SD) Scuba Diver or any other PADI/SSI course. These courses require that you be able to swim for 200 meters on your own and float for 10 minutes. Even though you don't swim underwater in Scuba diving and propel yourself using fins, knowing swimming boosts your confidence underwater and helps in your and your teams overall diving experience. So its suggested you learn swimming before you take up these courses. Many non-swimmers from Bangalore and other cities who experience discover scuba program in their holidays typically learn swimming at a pool after their holiday and then come back and enroll for OWD course! learning swimming is totally worth the effort for being able to do OWD later.

Sharks are some of the most beautiful and majestic creatures of the sea and most divers would be extremely happy if they can spot a shark in their dive! Rest assured the chances of sharks attacking scuba divers is next to nothing! Firstly, sighting a shark off the coast of India is very rare. Secondly, sharks in this part of the world are not aggressive (tropical water sharks are not aggressive compared to sharks found in temperate waters) and thirdly even the 'aggressive' sharks have very low propensity to attack divers. We are not part of their food chain and they only attack occasionally if you feed them mistaking you for their food or disturb them etc. There is higher chance of being attacked by a dog on your way back home then being attacked by a shark in your dive!