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The 8000 KM extensive coastline of India offers the great phenomena of surf breaks with moderate to big waves hitting on to land. With various coast bounded states providing beautiful beaches and nature specific to the region, India can offer a beginner or experienced surfer great surfing opportunities!

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Surfing is a thrilling sport for all adventure freaks who love the ocean! With the aid of a surfing board, one can ride waves that break onto the beach by balancing on the board and moving in surprising speeds.

If you are a beginner or a experienced surfer, there are various options for Surfing in India at your disposal that can offer you a great surfing holiday! You can surf the waves off Mahabalipuram (Surfing in Mahabalipuram) while witnessing the wonders of a World Heritage site. Mulki, near Mangalore, (Surfing in Mangalore) is a beautiful small village with a multi cultural demographic that offers amazing waves on the Arabian Sea.

The French influenced town of Pondicherry (Surfing in Pondicherry) has always been a wondrous location attracting people from all around the world. Over and above the the quaint town, Pondicherry offers a great surfing experience. For people in and around Chennai, Covelong point (Surfing in Chennai) provides beautiful beaches with pristine seawater to try your hand on surfing.

God's Own Country, Kerala (Surfing in Kerala) has a couple of locations that can provide a great surfing experience. With extraordinary beaches and unimaginable vegetation, the waves of Kerala can give beginners and experienced surfers a great surfing holiday! Karnataka's Gokarna (Surfing in Gokarna) is another rare and secluded location with great cultural influence. The pristine location of Gokarna offers a unique experience of surfing coupled with a relaxing holiday.

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We are India's largest adventure portal. We have 50+ Surfing packages for you in India offered by 15 professional Surfing Schools

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. SUP is definitely easier to learn that surfing because you can stand on a SUP board even on still water, whereas on a surf board you can only stand when on a wave. Catching a wave is also much easier with a SUP because of the leverage you get from the paddle.

Surfing is quite a technical sport and needs atleast 10-15 days on the surf to be able to catch a wave and surf it. Ofcourse this is just an average number. Many people are able to stand on the board on the first day itself and catch a wave in 3-4 days.