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If you never sat in a Kayak before, you should rectify that immediately. However, be warned that it will change your life forever!

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Whitewater kayaking is the most fun adventure sport that you can do in South India! It’s also one of the few outdoor sports that you can enjoy with your entire family or friends group. You can explore the rivers together with your gang, taking it as easy as you wish, discovering places that are accessible only by a kayak, enjoying nature in it’s most beautiful state or go down full throttle on Class V rapids. There is nothing like paddling together as a group, experiencing the same emotions, the same triumphs and facing the same challenges. It brings families and teams closer and teaches them to trust and rely on each other. Whitewater Kayaking has its own way of teaching you of who you really are, of forcing you to dig deep and to push you one step further in order to succeed.

The huge amount of annual rain fall received in south India, the vast number of rivers and streams, the tropical temperatures, diverse topography and the beauty of the scenery puts south India in a very special position for the lovers of Whitewater Kayaking. From the last few years more and more recreational kayakers, especially from Bangalore have started to get out on the rivers and new whitewater gems have been discovered all over the south, in Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Goa and Maharastra.

During the monsoons(Jun-September), Kerala's streams and rivers in the Wayanad and Kozhikode districts offer such brilliant whitewater that Kerala is starting to receive recognition from international Kayaking champions. Post monsoons, Kayaking is done in dam fed rivers in Karnataka. Notably, on Kaveri at the Karnataka/Tamil Nadu border and river Kali in North Karnataka.

If you are new to whitewater kayaking you can take up a course with Goodwave adventures to learn river running. If you are an experienced Kayaker you can join Southern river runners on one of their river trips. You can find information about white water sections in the rivers of southern India, especially Karnataka and Kerala @ Southern River Runners wiki page.

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We are India's largest adventure portal. We have whitewater kayaking adventures for you around Bangalore offered by many professional companies

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