Paragliding Mantra

Paragliding Mantra, founded in 2011, is one of the leading paragliding operators at Kamshet.

Our Mission:

To Create a safe flying environment and to install confidence in those who learn with us and to make flying a memorable experience for you.

Why Us:

  • We are enthusiastic about learning and constantly exchange knowledge with best pilots, instructors, test pilots, designers and manufacturers all around the world.
  • Our passion for flying shows in our training sessions.
  • We believe in building a strong foundation of knowledge and skill which you can carry throughout your flying career.
  • We share with you a valuable experience that builds up your confidence level and helps you to attain a level of proficiency needed for a well-rounded pilot.
  • To take our students effectively and efficiently through the training we have a comprehensive syllabus and methodical training programs.
  • We provide safe, supervised environment, constant support and radio guidance throughout your training.
  • We offer various Tandem Joyride packages.
  • We use internationally certified equipment for training, which are regularly inspected by us.
  • We conduct flying lessons for 8 months a year, starting from October till early June.
  • Our team of dedicated, certified, passionate instructors ensures that our students get the best of what we offer.

We are here to guide you to become safe and independent pilots.

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