Parvati Pin- paas trek In Himachal Pradesh

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  • Moderate
  • 4.9
  • Hilly

Parvati Pin- paas trek In Himachal Pradesh


The Pin parwati valley is considered the most beautiful in the region. The trek route crossing over from the Kullu valley takes you through most spectacular landscapes, and provides an experience to remember for life. The Pin Parbati Pass stands tall with its fluttering prayer flags and Cairns. The view from the pass is contrasting with the snow clad peaks of Kullu valley on one side and the stark barrenness of the Spiti Mountains on the other. Once into Spiti valley you can experience the difference of two cultures, traditions and completely different landscapes.


  • Day 1:

    Barshani to Kheerganga( 2850 mt) 12 kms. 7-9 hrs.: - walk through deep forest , meadows, water fall on the way. Kheerganga has hot water springs ,night camping at Kheerganga.

  • Day 2:

    kheerganga to Thunda bhuj (3282 Mt). 12 kms. 7-9 hrs. trek commences through deep forest, flowers strewn meadows. Walk on mule tracks, climb is steep & slow.

  • Day 3:

    Thunda bhuj to Dibinala (3500 Mt)-.9 kmr.5-7 hrs:- walk through meadows , flower valley above tree line, moderate walk. Night camp at Dibinala.

  • Day 4:

    Dibinala to Pandupul ( 3600 Mt). 7Kmr. 3/5 hrs Gradual climb through meadows .The area is full of medicinal plants & flowers. Pandupul has a natural rock bridge to cross the river.

  • Day 5:

    Pandupul to Thakurkuan( 3800Mt). 10 kmr.5-7hrs Gradual climb through meadows. One encounters nomadic sheperds on the way &their traditional huts. River flows by the trek path.

  • Day 6:

    Thakurkuan to Mantalai( 4100 Mt).8 kmr.3-5 hrs.:- Gradual climb through meadows .Mantalai has a lake from where you see Mantalai glacier, Source of Parvati river.Night camp at Mantalai.

  • Day 7:

    Mantalai rest at Mantalai:- Rest & acclimitisation walks at Mantalai.

  • Day 8:

    Mantlai to High camp 2 _( 4700Mt).7kms.7hrs.:- Steep Climb through inhospitable terrain . High camp 2 serves as a base for pin pass splendid view of Hamta peak on one side & Pin valley of Spiti on other .

  • Day 9:

    High camp 1 to Pin pass 7 kms. 5 hrs. :- Steep climb to pin pass, walk over the snow fields of the pass & then climb down to high camp1of Pin valley ,Passing pin river ,look out for Snow leopards, Ibex ,Musk deer .

  • Day 10:

    Modh village 10 kms. 7hrs. .: - Walk through meadows, cold desert. Enjoy land scapes of Spiti to Modh village perched on hill side.

  • Day 11:

    Modh to Kiwar Village: - 65 Km. Drive to kiwar village, on the way see kee monastery, night camp at Kiwar Village.

  • Day 12:

    Kiwar to Chandartal lake :- 125 km. Drive through Kunjum pass ,Kibber to Chandertal lake also called the moon lake. Lake is massive & crystall clear .Enjoy sweeping views of snow peak & dry desert on the way Night camps by banks of Chandertal lake .

  • Day 13:

    Chandartal to The Himalayan Village: - 200 Km. drive through Rothang pass Manali, Kullu, enjoying breathtaking scenes on the way night stay at resort.


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