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Preparation program for surfing in Kerala with Soul and Surf. Surfing’s all about spending time in the water, having fun in the ocean and making the most of your time, but it’s what you do in between sessions that can make the difference. So we really advise you spend some time before you come and surf with us getting surf-specifically fit to make the most of your time in the water.


Ed is also the founder of SurfBodySoul which is a unique and focused training system of Yoga, Pilates and Surf Specific Conditioning designed by surf trainer Ryan Huxley to improve your strength, flexibility and conditioning for surfing. Our easy to follow, beautifully presented, step-by-step guides combine the best of scientific evidence with the art of yoga, pilates and surfing to provide the most effective, specific and holistic program on the market. Our program is made by surfers, for surfers and is tried and tested by surfers like you every day from our studio in Byron Bay, Australia. It’s like having your own private trainer on hand…every day, for a fraction of the cost. After you make a booking with us email Ed and we’ll give you a 50% discount off a program of your choice at


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