Rafting in Manali

Ravers Expeditions
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Rafting in Manali By Ravers Expeditions



White Water River Rafting 1 hours

Ravers was founded with the genuine dream of helping people of all ages and abilities to enjoy the best outdoor experience of their lives. As Ravers has grown they have selected the team very carefully and after deep observation of the people. All the team members have at least 11 years of Experience in Adventure and Outdoor. Benefit to You: We measure our success by your comfort and overall satisfaction. We will feed you well, provide a comfortable place to sleep, and share with you nature’s bounty—all while treating you like part of the Ravers extended family.

White water rafting in done in river Beas at Manali, Beas riveris good for rafting , kayaking, canoeing etc. Rafting is done in Beas river from Manaki to Jhiri section near Bajaura in Kullu district , Rafting has become quite popular among the water sports lovers, tourists and corporate groups. Rafting trip starts from Mohal and covers 10 Kms distance. Rafting season starts from mid April to mid-June and rest depends on the arrival of monsoon. Basic equipment required for the water sports with rafting guides & instructors will be provided.

  • Rafting in Kullu Manali begins at around 10 o' clock in the morning at Pirdi

  • Pirdi is 45 kms from Manali and hence

  • Recommended starting time from Manali is 8 o'clock.

  • This activity will require one full day.


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