River Rafting in Ganga

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River Rafting in Ganga (full Day) By Ravers Expeditions


Ravers was founded with the genuine dream of helping people of all ages and abilities to enjoy the best outdoor experience of their lives. As Ravers has grown they have selected the team very carefully and after deep observation of the people. All the team members have at least 11 years of Experience in Adventure and Outdoor. Benefit to You: We measure our success by your comfort and overall satisfaction. We will feed you well, provide a comfortable place to sleep, and share with you nature’s bounty—all while treating you like part of the Ravers extended family.

The holy Ganga or the Ganges is the most popular river in India for river running due to its easy accessibility from the Indian capital, Delhi, and because the river has rapids with varying levels of difficulty (Grade II to IV) that provides the thrills and spills of river rafting to both novices and experienced alike.

  • The trip starts at 8:30 am from our office in Rishikesh

  • We drive 35 km upstream (about 1 hour) to Kaudiyala, to start the river trip

  • After a comprehensive safety briefing, we change into our rafting gear and get on the water. We raft down 32 kms on big volume

  • Ganga whitewater (5 hours)

  • Including adrenaline pumping rapids like "Daniel's Dip", "The Wall", "Three Blind Mice

  • Crossfire", "Bodysurfing", "Return to Sender", "Roller Coaster", "Golf Course" and lots more.

  • We stop around noon for a tasty lunch on a quiet beach. After lunch we get back on the water to continue to encounter the big rapids.

  • The trip ends short of Laxman Jhula. We take out and then drive 10 minutes back to the office.


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