Roopkund Trek

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  • 12 days
  • Extreme
  • 4.9
  • Hilly

Roopkund Trek is a 10 to 12 days tour in Garhwal Himalayas. Roopkund also known as 'Mystery Lake' is situated at 4778 M above mean sea level. Apart from the mystery factor "Roopkund" truely signifies its name as it also means " Beauty's own lake".


All along the route are panoramic views of the mighty himalayan peaks - Nanda Ghungti (6310 M) & Trishul(7120 M) One is intoxicated with the buggyals of Bedni & Ali as they are carpeted with the beautiful himalayan flora most of the trekking season. What attracts you the most is the mystery surrounding the lake. Over 300 people have believed to met their untimely demise here some 500-600 years ago. Though a number of stories & legends relate the happenings but the mystery still prevails.

Every 12 years a large number of devout Pilgrims most of them from Garhwal and kumaon make an strenous trek to the lake from Nauti Village. They follow a four horned lamb that is born every 12 years near Wan village. The lamb leads them to Nanda Devi shrine through Roopkund & Homkund & than carries on, on its own & finally miracuasly disappears. This is the famous "Nanda Raj Jat Yatra" . There is smaller anual verson celebrated every year around the end of August or beginning of September that starts from the village of wan & culminates at Bedni Bugyal. The event in itself is so full of vibrant colors that it truely reflects the cultural richness of people of Garhwal and Kumoun.


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