Saryu Rafting Expedition, Uttarakhand

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  • 8 days
  • Easy
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Saryu Rafting Expedition, Uttarakhand By Ravers Expeditions


8 days - Binsar, Uttarakhand

Grad :- Easy To Challenging

Ravers was founded with the genuine dream of helping people of all ages and abilities to enjoy the best outdoor experience of their lives. As Ravers has grown they have selected the team very carefully and after deep observation of the people.

All the team members have at least 11 years of Experience in Adventure and Outdoor.Benefit to You: We measure our success by your comfort and overall satisfaction. We will feed you well, provide a comfortable place to sleep, and share with you nature’s bounty—all while treating you like part of the Ravers extended family.

The emerald green Saryu is an ancient river that has been immortalized by its mention in the Ramayana and the Rig Veda. With awe-inspiring scenery that is largely untouched by rafter and nature enthusiast, pounding rapids, lush green forests, wild life, fascinating tales from the bygone era and pristine campsites are what you can expect to find on the crown jewel of Eastern Uttarakhand, Saryu - 'A little Big River'.?An expedition on the Saryu combined with 'Himalayan' big volume style of rafting on the lower Kali offers an awesome white water experience. Whether you want heart pounding rapids, breath taking scenery, tranquil beauty or a combination of all,


  • Day 1

    A five-hour road journey to Binsar, gives you splendid views of the Trisul and Nanda Devi mountain ranges. Drive through the towns and villages of Kumaon, which provides a rich cultural background for the trip. Keep your cameras handy to capture the start of your expedition. Snap away pictures of the local flora and fauna and the warm and welcoming faces of the locals.

  • Day 2

    e start the day early and after a two and a half hour drive to Sheraghat we reach the start point of the expedition. After a comprehensive talk on river safety as well as basic instructions, you are ready to negotiate the thrill of grade 3 to 4 rapids. An enthralling experience, interspaced with the amazing view of passing through distant villages and experiencing the Himalayas at their best. We pitch camp late afternoon, followed by dinner around the campfire and you are ready to dream about the day that was.

  • Day 3

    The day begins with a grade 4 rapid. Enjoy the challenges the river has to offer, there are over fifteen grade 3 to 4 rapid till the confluence of Saryu and Ramganga East at Rameshwar. The Ramganga East adds more volume to the river adding punch to the rapids. The section below Ghat is relatively easy and gives you a chance to bodysurf or just experience the tranquil beauty of the valley. In the afternoon, we pitch camp on a sandy beach and relax after a long paddle on the water. In the evening you can choose to hike or laze around the campfire, eat dinner and enjoy a well-deserved hot meal around the fire. Camp overnight.

  • Day 4

    Expect loads of thrills today as we raft through the confluence of Kali and Saryu at Pancheshwar. The Kali River brings loads of volume of water to make it a big Himalayan River. his stretch of river runs through a remote wilderness valley. The verdant untouched beauty around is breath taking with some grade 3+ rapids and has us all wishing for the day not to end. We camp around Rupali gaon. Camp overnight.

  • Day 5

    The River run from Rupali gaon to Pari gaon takes us through Kali's biggest rapid, the 'Chuka', a grade 4+ rapid. As the rapid has several channels we will scout around before running it. A few more grade 3 rapids before we reach camp across the river from Pari gaon. There will be plenty to discuss and remember about the day when we sit around the campfire tucking into a hot, delicious meal. Camp overnight.

  • Day 6

    Layover Day. Today you can take the day at your own pace, after breakfast we hike to Chuka Village. The village has an interesting history and its shot at fame is that it was here that the conservationist and wildlife enthusiast Jim Corbett, famous for slaying a large number of man-eating tigers and leopards in India, shot a Man eating tiger. We will be exploring the that the man eater's are dead..!! We return to camp for hot lunch. Afternoon free to laze around the camp or take a nature walk and explore the remote surrounding, sunbathe, bird watch, try a hand at fishing or just lay on the beach and read a book.

  • Day 7

    The last day on the river we start from Pari gaon to reach the take out at Boom. he change in geography is apparent as we enter the Terai region and often share the river with elephants. The last section runs through a stunning canyon with exciting grade 3 to 4 rapids. After lunch we load up and drive to Kathgodam to board the overnight train to Delhi.

  • Day 8

    This is the end of the journey folks we're back to Delhi, bright and early.


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