Scuba Diver (SD) Course at Andaman

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Ideal for those with limited time, the Scuba Diver course provides you a 2 day certification course with license to dive upto 12m anywhere in the world.



Duration: 2 – 3 days (SD) Prerequisites: None Swimming Skills: Required Min. Age: 10 years Max. Depth: 12m


PADI Scuba Diver Course: 17,200 INR SSI Scuba Diver Course: 15,500 INR

Who is this course for?

The SD course gives you a license to dive into a fascinating new world up to a depth of 12 meters anywhere in the world and is valid life-long.


You learn the fundamentals of SCUBA diving and become a certified diver. You become an astronaut defying gravity, entering a new liquid world of magical beauty and strange inhabitants, experiencing bliss and ultimate freedom! It is a safe and easy course when you know how to swim and is a lot of fun. What do I learn?

The SD course has three components – theory, confined and open water. It follows a gradual progression of knowledge, skill, ability and comfort mastering. The theory will give you an in-depth understanding about SCUBA diving. During the confined (lagoon or shallow reef) training we teach you how to dive: how you put on your equipment, how to breath, control your buoyancy and dive. The focus during the confined training is on practicing skills that are essential to your safety and comfort. The last step is your dives: 2 dives for SD . This is in the Open Sea where we assess you upon your diving, comfort, safety and skill rehearsal. Our Approach

We believe in personal attention, therefore our groups are never more than 4 students to 1 instructor. We will never rush you or compromise on your training and safety. Our aim is to make you a proficient, safe and comfortable diver. Do I need to know swimming?

You do not need to be an Olympic swimmer but are expected to have a certain comfort and stamina level during your training.


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