Snorkeling at South Button at Andaman

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Snorkeling at South Button . South Button is located about 1 hour and 40 min by boat from Barefoot Scuba and is by far the best snorkelling site off Havelock Island. This beautiful Islet looks like its emerged straight out of a fairytale and has the best coral & marine life.


The eastern side, boats of a beautiful expanse of coral garden and is suitable of all levels of snorkelers.

There is no beach on this islet and snorkellers gear up on the boat. The boat moors a bit away from the islet. The reef starts at about a meter or so and although diving too is possible here, even divers prefer to stay shallow to enjoy the rocky cliffs and cave-like cracks and sheer beauty of this site.

South Button is host to schooling snapper, surgeonfish, barracuda, big-eye trevally and Napoleon wrasse, flute mouth, banded sea snake, turtle, barracuda, parrot fish, angelfish, anemone fish, crocodile fish & Groupers to name a few. Manta rays and devil rays sometimes visit the island and play in the shallow water. Other regular residents include octopuses, morays, lionfish, shrimp and nudibranchs of all shapes and colours.

It involves long boat rides but is well worth the time and you definitely will be left asking for more.


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